Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s Tuesday?!?

First, why didn’t someone tell me it was Tuesday!!  I mean, it’s Tuesday and I didn’t even know!!  Check out Keely for more randomness…

Ever hear of The Wallet Fairy?  Its the little fairy that goes into your wallet and takes money out without telling you about it. Bear and I reverse Wallet Fairy each other.  That is where you find money in your wallet that someone put n there without telling you about it.  I know, we are strange.

Obviously, I forgot that it is Tuesday.  For some reason, my brain is making it Wednesday.  And I am kind of scared by the prospect.  What is my brain trying to hurry towards?

 Bear sent me this the other day, because he is awesome.  You can’t have him ladies, he is mine!


The Show is getting taller than me.  I think I should ground her for growing…  The Mother Hen is already taller than me, so I can’t exactly punish her…  but the other two, I think they are doing it to make me feel short! 😉

I hate Instant Messengers.  They are a required part of my job, but I hate them.  People always IM at the worst possible times and then keep IMing until you respond.  Here’s a tip people, if I don’t answer, its because I AM BUSY!!

I am still a gimp.  And I will probably continue to be one.  Crutches really would make me sad though, so I am hoping I don’t end up needed them.  Wish me luck!

The Tribe is going to be on Spring Break pretty soon.  We don’t have anything planned.  There may be a mutiny. Although, being marooned on a deserted island does not sound so bad.  I mean, as long as there was beach access, I am sure I would get along just fine.

I have no balls

Posted On March 31, 2009

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I mentioned before that I am nuts.  Well, this weekend I found out that I am so nuts, I have no balls. I promised all of you pictures of The Tyrant’s cake when I finished it.  The thing it, I never finished it.  The balls disintegrated when I tried dipping them in chocolate.  I think I tried to make them too big.  So, apparently, big balls are great if you are AC/DC, and not WickedStepMom.

Ahem, sorry about that.  I ended up making her a whole new cake and topped it with cookies (Bear’s awesome idea).  I worked for almost two hours straight, and still had the pastry bag in hand when they walked in the door. I hid it behind my back and threw it out as soon as everyone was staring at the cake.  Not my best works, but I think it turned out really well.  The best part was that she absolutely loved it!

Beautiful Like Me Project Annoucement

Posted On March 30, 2009

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I am not beautiful like you, I am beautiful like me.

Teach the next generation about true beauty and self confidence.

Help girls and boys to have a better self image and to stand up for beauty in all forms.



Please stop by the Beautiful Like Me Project Home page.



Quirks? I have no quirks…

Posted On March 27, 2009

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Okay, I lied, I have plenty.  This weeks edition of The Spin Cycle is all about quirks, check out Sprite’s Keeper for all the quirky goodness this week.  But, before you go, here are my quirks, in no particular order.

  • I hate peas.  I hate them so much, I can eat a frozen pot pie and leave a collection of peas in the tin when I am done eating the pie.
  • I can’t sleep without noise.  I grew up in a house close to some railroad tracks and a freeway.  When I say close, I mean we were the second house in from the corner and across the street from the house on the corner, there was tracks and freeway.  If it is quiet, I can’t sleep.  I either turn on the TV or the radio.
  • In college, I had color coded notes, highlighters and folders.  It was a system that worked well for me.  People always teased me about it and then begged to copy my notes.
  • I had to have a tooth removed because my mouth was too small.  No one believes me, because I am kind of a big mouth.
  • I hate the color pink, unless it is on The Tyrant then it is cute.  Otherwise, it is ugly.
  • I am not a big fan of cake but I make crazy cakes for the girls’ birthdays.  I prefer coffee cake, donuts or pie.
  • Coffee can make me sleepy or energized.  It just depends on my mood.


Proof that I am nuts

All, I have to say is Sprite’s Keeper started it. She posted about how she made some Lovely Irish Cake Balls of Luck and I decided that I would have to try it too. You see, The Tyrant’s birthday is this Sunday and I always make a unique cake. This year, she decided that she wanted a cat and a flower.  I have been trying to get her to make a decision but she won’t budge.  So, instead of making two cakes, I decided to make the cake balls and decorate them like cats and flowers.   I think it is very do-able, but I also think I need my head examined.  I will be started Thursday night (so we can have cake on Friday) and I will post a picture of the final product.  If you guys don’t hear from me by Monday, send the marines and the men with the little white coats, okay?

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Boo-hoo Edition

I don’t really whine, I tend to vent.  Its not the same thing…  There is more yelling and foot stomping involved.

Stomping my foot hurts. So, I can’t vent properly.  Now, I must whine.  I hate whining.

I made a really awesome Crunchy Chicken in Ham Sauce on Sunday.  One of the kids only ate the ham and refused to eat anything else.  She even dramatically gagged and spit out a noodle.   I am not sure if I should be proud or horrified.  Jury is still out.

A friend of mine always says that “Coffee equals sleep.”  He lied to me!

I keep hearing news stories about tenants getting thrown out because their land lords allowed the homes and buildings to go into foreclosure.  That makes me nervous.  I don’t even know if there are repercussions for the landlords.

Being a cripple sucks more than Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese.  Its sounds good when you look at it from afar, but up close, its just running and tastes like cardboard. 

I am done whining, check out Keely at The UnMom for hopefully some more upbeat Randomness.

My little song birds

Posted On March 23, 2009

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This year, I had the opportunity to go to The Mother Hen’s Winter Chorus Festival.  It is a competition with other schools.  If they had scored really well, they would have gotten to go to the state finals.  It took place during school hours, so it was a field trip and I chaperoned.  I was shorter than most of the kids there.  The Mother Hen thought this was hilarious. She kept teasing me about it all day.

When they sang before the judges, I thought they did a stellar job.  Their teacher was even telling them how proud of them she was.  After the performance, we went to workshop.  In workshop, professional singers give them tips on how they can improve as a group.  It was fun to watch because the woman running the workshop was having them manipulate their voices to change the mood of the songs that they had sung.  After workshop, we went on to sight reading.  Sight reading is where they have to sing a piece of music that they have never seen before.  The first establish rhythm and then had to sing the notes.  (Ex Do Re Me)  This looked really hard and I did not envy them for having to even try it.  They struggled with it, but they were rated pretty well.  They did not score high enough to make it to states but they still took home a medal, which was pretty neat.

The real competition was going on behind the scenes.  The bully of the group was picking on one of the other girls.  She was calling her cell phone, using the restricted *67 to mask who she was.  When the girl would answer, the bully would hang up.  This went on several times throughout the morning.  Finally, we we were at dinner, the whole situation came to a head.  The girl sat at the same table as The Mother Hen, the chorus teacher and I.  She told The Mother Hen what was going on and she was very upset.  Some girls at the table behind us over heard her.  They began shouting, “Jeez, can’t you take a joke!”  They were berating her for mentioning it in front of me and the teacher.  Honestly, I was shocked.  I couldn’t believe they were jumping on her case for being upset.  To make matter worse, the chorus teacher told her to bring her phone bill to class to make the bully pay for the calls.  They continued to make snide comments to her throughout dinner.  

My only thought was, “My little song birds, you guys are very good.  But, you could be great.  If you just sang together and stopped preaching hate.”

Creative Writing for the Spin Cycle

Posted On March 20, 2009

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This is a story that I pick up and write from time to time.  It will always hold a special place it my heart.


General Tae walked across the battlements of the keep.  Her armor was a darkened metal with crossed swords etched in front of storm clouds.  Her walk was sure, but light.  She moved more like a dancer than a swordsman.  Though she was full of grace, her twin swords were more deadly than most of the men in her army.  As she made her way through the lines of armored men, she stopped and spoke to each of her men.  A joke here, a word of encouragement there, she moved amongst her men and lightened their hearts on this eve of battle. Her tactical skills were matched by few, but it was her ease with her men that made her legendary.

Gawaine watched General Tae as she walked along the battlements.  He admired her dancers grace and deadly twin blades.  His heart also ached to hold her in his arms.  He tore his gaze away.  He watched over his men, the legendary Tiger Lancers, as they made their preparations for the coming battle.  His men admired him, despite his slow, limping gaunt.  He was a centaur on horseback and no man or horse could stand before him in battle.  His shy reserved manner only increased their love of him.  His men suddenly formed ranks and saluted.  He turned and watched General Tae approached.  She waved the men casually back to their duties, each man in his own way wondered again at the vast differences between the lady general and the Lance Lord.

“The Lance Lord will not be with us today,” Tae said quietly to Gawaine.  “Your men will hold the right.  Lord Talon’s will hold the left.  I am counting on your Tiger Lancers because they are the only experienced skirmishers I have.  Talon will follow your lead”  Gawaine raised his eyebrows, “Talon knows this?”  Tae smirked, “Yes, I already informed him.  He is not happy about it as you probably have guessed.  Thuro put me in charge here, we must hold this keep.  The spoiled little rich boy will just have to deal with it.”  Gawaine turned from her and grumbled, “Whatever you say, General.”  Tae gently placed a hand on his armed and turned him back to face her.  The touch was electric, she could not let go.  She sighed, “Gawaine, I need you.  I need you to hold the right, that is where they will be coming from.  I can’t hold this place without you.”  His eyes met hers, “It will be done.” My love, were the words that were on the tip of his tongue, but he did not have the courage to speak them.  She released his arm, “Thank you.”  My heart, was what she would have said if she knew how he felt.  Instead, she simply turned and walked back up the battlements to continue with the battle preparations.

Family that time forgot

Posted On March 18, 2009

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First, a foot update:  I went to the foot doctor and was given a therapeutic shoe.  I am extremely frustrated and having a hard time getting around.  I also got another shot in the foot, which is never pleasant. 

Okay, now into the real reason for this post.  I went to my great uncle’s viewing last night.  And there was a ton of people there that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I have been avoiding certain family members because they got mixed up in some bad stuff.  But, in avoiding them, I really have avoided everyone else too. Last night, I found out that my step-second cousin, whom I use to babysit, was 19 years old and in his second year of college.  I found out that my step-grandmother had broken a hip and her arm recently.  And I found out that some of my step-aunts had retired.  I also saw second cousins, third-cousins and everyone in between.  The worst part about all of this, I realized that I didn’t really miss many of them.  I never got the feeling from most of them that they missed me either.  I know that we will always been connected because we are family but I can’t imagine seeing them all of the time.  The didn’t know about my weight gain and my weight loss.  They didn’t know about my allergies and asthma.  They didn’t know about my ex-husband.  And for the most part, I didn’t even get the feeling that they cared enough to ask.  I know that a good portion is my fault.  I walked away.  But, I at least hope that they understand why I did what I did.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Is it Friday yet?

I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday.  Wishful thinking, I know. But, I still thought it was Friday for about 10 minutes.  They were a good ten minutes.

Whenever The Tyrant gets mad, she hides under her bed.  I don’t get it. She doesn’t like the dark but wil hide under her bed.  I tried explaining this to her and she just looked at me like I was dumb.

The Show and The Mother Hen have the same size feet.  They stole each other’s flip flops and chased each other around my parents back yard.  The dog was highly amused and would lick them whenever they stopped moving.

Bear is wearing shorts today.  I ask him who he was trying to impress with his legs. 

I feel like I am in that movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral this week.  Except the things that are keeping me busy aren’t weddings.  Kind of a bummer.

I think they should sell coffee on a stick.  I would totally buy it.  Because well, it just has a cool name.

The girls have started using chop sticks to eat Mandarin oranges.  I think I am responsible for this trend because when The Tyrant didn’t want to eat her oranges with a fork, I handed her chop sticks.  She was highly entertained.  I think I have created some monsters.


For more randomness, check out Keely.

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