Adventure, Excitement… A Stepmom craves not these things.

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Being a Step Mom is an adventure all on its own.  Especially, if you go from single gal to Step Mom.  It truly is a whole new world with its own rules.  You find yourself saying “darn it” instead of “dammit.”  You find yourself stressing out about which color sucker to give to each kid.  You panic when you forget the crayons and coloring books.  You find yourself saying things like “wear a coat, its cold.”  You find yourself getting mad when someone ignores your step kid or is rude to them.  You find yourself driving more carefully and getting angry at non-attentive drivers when the kids are in the car.

The Super Bowl has turned into falling asleep at half time after drinking half a beer.  The Mother Hen tucked both Bear and I in because we fell asleep.  Going to the store has turned into head counts and “no treats today, ladies.”  A trip for ice cream has turned into a guessing game about which kid would want which flavor.  And dinner has turned into a game of who is going to eat what. 

For me, being a Step Mom is an adventure. I get to share this amazing adventure with some wonderful people.  Bear, who is my best friend and biggest cheering section.  The Mother Hen, who is a great girl and an excellent ally.  The Show, who always makes me laugh when things are getting out of control.  The Tyrant, who always has a ready smile and the cutest way of saying that she is sorry when she pushes everyone too far.  Thank you to the Tribe for coming into my life.


8 Responses to “Adventure, Excitement… A Stepmom craves not these things.”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I always love reading about your adventures as a WICKED Step Mom and think you must have stepped in the right pile to get kids and a husband like that! You’re linked!

  2. HeatherPride

    I am sure they are just as grateful for you!

  3. Camille

    You sound like a good stepmom. I turned into that sort of figure when i was a nanny a few years ago. It’s kind of nice, and I think I’ll look forward to it if I ever have kids of my own (or stepkids of my own).

  4. Casey

    That is a great adventure. I’m glad you guys fit so well together and that they have you!

  5. Jenny

    This is soooo true! Especially for me since I got married 5 1/2 yrs ago and became an instant mom. Hard, but worth it.

  6. Shangrila

    Awww! I love sweet posts like this! You got 3 girls without childbirth?! You are a really, really smart, lucky lady! 😉

  7. Pseudo

    You sound like a great stepmom. I love their nicknames.

  8. Smart Mouth Broad

    Great spin! You’re a great mom! They’re lucky to have you.

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