Random Tuesday Thoughts: Stupid Day Light Saving Time!


Its Tuesday, Its Random, Its The Un-Mom

I know that Day Light Saving time is suppose to be green and hip and protect the kiddies from walking to school in the dark, but I hate it.  Every year it screws me up.  When we “Fall Back” I spend the next week trying to figure out why an hour of extra sleep on one night keeps me from getting any sleep for days.  When we “Spring Forward,” I spend the next week saying things like “Is it that late already?.”  And again, I don’t get enough sleep but it is because I can’t seem to find my way to bed until close to midnight because I feel like I have lost some time.  It messes with your head!  And your sense of time!  And supposedly, yesterday is the day with the greatest number of heart attacks in the USA.  Its a Monday and Day Light Saving Time has ended.  I am just glad I survived.

Ever notice how fast a week can fill up with stuff to do.  Its Tuesday.  My entire week is planned out with things to do each day.  This is crazy!  Some of them I want to do, some just need to get done.  But, its only Tuesday!

My Mom’s Birthday is this month and so is the Tyrant’s.  They are exactly 12 days apart.  It makes for an interesting couple of weeks. 

It was pouring rain this morning.  It kind of reminded me of Saturday morning.  Bear and I went grocery shopping and the skies were clear until we pulled in front to unload the groceries.  Then, it started pouring.  Mother Nature hates us!!


14 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Stupid Day Light Saving Time!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Daylight Savings screwed up our Sunday too. We all slept in due to a busy Saturday and it was already 9, no, 10 when we got up. The entire day went to pot from there..

  2. Sarah

    I hate the getting up when its dark thing. Daylight Savings Time can suck it…really

  3. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I cant stand Daylight Savings Time, either – I never seem to get adjusted to it until it’s time to change it again… Mother Nature has been smokin’ something funny this year…she’s all messed up! 😉

    Happy Random Tuesday! 🙂

  4. Captain Dumbass

    Just be happy you don’t live in China. Even though they are the same size as the US they only have one time zone, Beijing time.

    Or you could move to Saskatchewan, they don’t follow DST. They’re a little different though.

  5. amcfan

    DST totally messed me up yesterday when I woke up to the alarm and it was DARK outside! Very uncool! I know Wolverine would think it was uncool too 😉

  6. Keely

    Hey! We’re not different.

    Yeah, okay, we’re different. But the not following DST thing makes me glad to live here. Twice a year, anyway.

    Good luck with the birthday madness!

  7. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    In the next 4 weeks, I have my hubby, both kids, me, my step dad, 4 of my closest friends and my grandfather’s birthdays. It’s worse than Christmas!

  8. Shangrila

    Ick, I’m not a fan of DST, either! The rain is making everything gross around here, too! I need sunshine, dammit!

  9. K

    Happy Random Tuesday!

    I hate daylight savings time. It’s the worst. (But I’m sure I’l sing it’s praises in the fall).

  10. Mama Zen

    Daylight savings time treats me the same way. Hate it!

  11. halfasgoodasyou

    DST is kicking our asses too. My schedule is booked solid and my kids aren’t even in school yet.

  12. Sammanthia

    DST has Ryerson ALL screwed up. He’s been getting up every day this week (Wait a minute, it’s only Tuesday?) at 6:30. I’m not happy about it. Maybe I need to move to Saskatchewan.

  13. Jenny

    One good thing about Arizona…no Daylight Savings Time!

  14. FoN

    We don’t have day light saving time here, and it sucks. Two months a year I go to work in the dark, and then come home in the dark. While it’s -40. It’s really not cool.

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