Random Tuesday Thoughts: Is it Friday yet?

I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday.  Wishful thinking, I know. But, I still thought it was Friday for about 10 minutes.  They were a good ten minutes.

Whenever The Tyrant gets mad, she hides under her bed.  I don’t get it. She doesn’t like the dark but wil hide under her bed.  I tried explaining this to her and she just looked at me like I was dumb.

The Show and The Mother Hen have the same size feet.  They stole each other’s flip flops and chased each other around my parents back yard.  The dog was highly amused and would lick them whenever they stopped moving.

Bear is wearing shorts today.  I ask him who he was trying to impress with his legs. 

I feel like I am in that movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral this week.  Except the things that are keeping me busy aren’t weddings.  Kind of a bummer.

I think they should sell coffee on a stick.  I would totally buy it.  Because well, it just has a cool name.

The girls have started using chop sticks to eat Mandarin oranges.  I think I am responsible for this trend because when The Tyrant didn’t want to eat her oranges with a fork, I handed her chop sticks.  She was highly entertained.  I think I have created some monsters.


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15 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Is it Friday yet?”

  1. Keely

    I think EVERYTHING is more marketable on a stick. Or out of a bendy straw.

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    I made cake on a stick for today’s potluck, so yes, if it’s on a stick, it’s definitely better!

  3. Laufa

    I can think of ways to make that coffee on a stick. Come to think of it, Starbucks has had it before. Just not so publicized as the cup of coffee. Great randomness!

  4. Casey

    Chop stick monsters! Ha! We use the “fork trick” whenever Graham refuses to eat something, give the kid a fork and he’s in heaven.

    I’d hide under my bed too but someone would find me (and I’m too big).

    My dog nips my butt (playfully) whenever we’re playing chase or keep away.

  5. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    I’m about to put coffee in a cup and throw a stich in there and freeze it. I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  6. Julie@Cool Mom Guide

    Scratch that, coffee is in the freezer, I’llvlog me eating it when it’s ready for you 🙂

  7. HeatherPride

    If chopsticks are what it takes to get a kid to eat, I’m going to invest in several pair!! Great idea!

  8. Sammanthia

    I’ve always thought coffee flavored popsicles would be awesome.

  9. GreenJello

    I absolutely LOVED to eat my food with chopsticks as a kid. Anything. Everything.

    I’m pretty good with chopsticks as an adult because of it. 🙂

  10. Lisa C

    Coffee on a stick??? You may have something there… when i see it at the drive thru of Starbucks I will think of you… lol..

    Hey chop sticks are not necessarily a BAD thing… (used properly of course… just had a flash of my girls… they’d be poking each other, running, etc.. )cause I sure bet mandarin oranges are less messy with sticks than fingers.. (mine are 16months… messy messy messy)


  11. Captain Dumbass

    Coffee on a stick is fantastic. And so is the chopstick idea. Mine are a little young for chopsticks still, that’s why I rely on grilled cheese men. Whatever works.

  12. simply anonymom

    There is nothing wrong with using creative measures to get the kids to eat healthy. Chopsticks (for fruit) sounds cool.

  13. jen

    mn is the land of food on a stick. c’mon down for the mn state fair. it’s everywhere. i’ll check on the coffee thing though … you never know.
    and chopsticks? what a fantastic way to get your children to take forever to eat so that maybe (just maybe) you can actually eat your entire dinner before they are ready to get down and go crazy again!

  14. Angel

    Chopsticks!!! I love them! I taught Jujube to eat with them and when ever she can she does. Sometimes I put them in her lunch box for fun, but her Teacher gets mad because the other kids watch her eat rather than eat their own food.

    Coffee on a Stick…. Wow! I can say I read the idea here when you are Rich and famous! Don’t forget us little people!

  15. Shangrila

    Oh, how I wish it were Friday…and you should market Coffee on a Stick. In bulk. I would totally buy a case, at least!

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