Family that time forgot

Posted On March 18, 2009

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First, a foot update:  I went to the foot doctor and was given a therapeutic shoe.  I am extremely frustrated and having a hard time getting around.  I also got another shot in the foot, which is never pleasant. 

Okay, now into the real reason for this post.  I went to my great uncle’s viewing last night.  And there was a ton of people there that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I have been avoiding certain family members because they got mixed up in some bad stuff.  But, in avoiding them, I really have avoided everyone else too. Last night, I found out that my step-second cousin, whom I use to babysit, was 19 years old and in his second year of college.  I found out that my step-grandmother had broken a hip and her arm recently.  And I found out that some of my step-aunts had retired.  I also saw second cousins, third-cousins and everyone in between.  The worst part about all of this, I realized that I didn’t really miss many of them.  I never got the feeling from most of them that they missed me either.  I know that we will always been connected because we are family but I can’t imagine seeing them all of the time.  The didn’t know about my weight gain and my weight loss.  They didn’t know about my allergies and asthma.  They didn’t know about my ex-husband.  And for the most part, I didn’t even get the feeling that they cared enough to ask.  I know that a good portion is my fault.  I walked away.  But, I at least hope that they understand why I did what I did.

3 Responses to “Family that time forgot”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    It’s a two way street. Sometimes it’s better to walk away from 20 things just to get away from 1 bad. They could have reached out to you too. Don’t feel so bad. Live YOUR life, let them worry about theirs.

  2. HeatherPride

    Family is a tricky thing. I have two cousins I don’t even acknowledge, which says a lot since I only have a grand total of 4 cousins all together. I imagine some day we’ll all be together in the same place at the same time again and it will be really weird, too.

  3. Casey

    I’m with HP, family is weird. I feel more connected to my close circle of friends than I do most of my family members. At least friends are in the relationship because they want to be vs having to be.

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