Creative Writing for the Spin Cycle

Posted On March 20, 2009

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This is a story that I pick up and write from time to time.  It will always hold a special place it my heart.


General Tae walked across the battlements of the keep.  Her armor was a darkened metal with crossed swords etched in front of storm clouds.  Her walk was sure, but light.  She moved more like a dancer than a swordsman.  Though she was full of grace, her twin swords were more deadly than most of the men in her army.  As she made her way through the lines of armored men, she stopped and spoke to each of her men.  A joke here, a word of encouragement there, she moved amongst her men and lightened their hearts on this eve of battle. Her tactical skills were matched by few, but it was her ease with her men that made her legendary.

Gawaine watched General Tae as she walked along the battlements.  He admired her dancers grace and deadly twin blades.  His heart also ached to hold her in his arms.  He tore his gaze away.  He watched over his men, the legendary Tiger Lancers, as they made their preparations for the coming battle.  His men admired him, despite his slow, limping gaunt.  He was a centaur on horseback and no man or horse could stand before him in battle.  His shy reserved manner only increased their love of him.  His men suddenly formed ranks and saluted.  He turned and watched General Tae approached.  She waved the men casually back to their duties, each man in his own way wondered again at the vast differences between the lady general and the Lance Lord.

“The Lance Lord will not be with us today,” Tae said quietly to Gawaine.  “Your men will hold the right.  Lord Talon’s will hold the left.  I am counting on your Tiger Lancers because they are the only experienced skirmishers I have.  Talon will follow your lead”  Gawaine raised his eyebrows, “Talon knows this?”  Tae smirked, “Yes, I already informed him.  He is not happy about it as you probably have guessed.  Thuro put me in charge here, we must hold this keep.  The spoiled little rich boy will just have to deal with it.”  Gawaine turned from her and grumbled, “Whatever you say, General.”  Tae gently placed a hand on his armed and turned him back to face her.  The touch was electric, she could not let go.  She sighed, “Gawaine, I need you.  I need you to hold the right, that is where they will be coming from.  I can’t hold this place without you.”  His eyes met hers, “It will be done.” My love, were the words that were on the tip of his tongue, but he did not have the courage to speak them.  She released his arm, “Thank you.”  My heart, was what she would have said if she knew how he felt.  Instead, she simply turned and walked back up the battlements to continue with the battle preparations.


10 Responses to “Creative Writing for the Spin Cycle”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    A love story! I must have more! Please tell me there’s more! You’re linked! (And write more!)

  2. Keely

    I love it! Very compelling. I’m with SK, must have more!

  3. ~The South Dakota Cowgirl~

    Hawt! A female General! That was good. Are you going to write a book?

  4. Kingsmom

    Very nice!

  5. HeatherPride

    Intriguing! What happens next?? I want to know!

  6. Tricia

    oohhh. I hope you let us read more.

  7. Shangrila

    Would you post the whole story? I loved it, and want to know their history and how or if they ever reveal their feelings to each other! Oh, and if they win this battle! Also, if the rich brat is the cog in the wheels! Really love this!

  8. Smart Mouth Broad

    You can’t leave us hanging here. There is more, right?

  9. Sammanthia

    Why do you do this to me? WHY!
    Awesome story. I think it’s time you started looking for a book deal and I’ll be your agent. It’ll be like Entourage.

  10. Casey

    I think it’s clear that you’re a gifted writer and your audience wants more. I suggest you give it to them or Sprite’s Keeper will show up on your doorstep and make you.

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