Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Boo-hoo Edition

I don’t really whine, I tend to vent.  Its not the same thing…  There is more yelling and foot stomping involved.

Stomping my foot hurts. So, I can’t vent properly.  Now, I must whine.  I hate whining.

I made a really awesome Crunchy Chicken in Ham Sauce on Sunday.  One of the kids only ate the ham and refused to eat anything else.  She even dramatically gagged and spit out a noodle.   I am not sure if I should be proud or horrified.  Jury is still out.

A friend of mine always says that “Coffee equals sleep.”  He lied to me!

I keep hearing news stories about tenants getting thrown out because their land lords allowed the homes and buildings to go into foreclosure.  That makes me nervous.  I don’t even know if there are repercussions for the landlords.

Being a cripple sucks more than Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese.  Its sounds good when you look at it from afar, but up close, its just running and tastes like cardboard. 

I am done whining, check out Keely at The UnMom for hopefully some more upbeat Randomness.

15 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Boo-hoo Edition”

  1. halfasgoodasyou

    Man, I JUST got over my mac-n-cheese craving, thanks. Mine was for Kraft so I guess it’s not the same.

    Sorry you’re unable to properly huff. Can you sit down first and stop with the other foot? There’s nothing better than the dramatic showing of frustration, believe me. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. The Smirking Cat

    My stepkids make some rather dramatic displays at dinner too, if we have the nerve to serve something other than McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. 🙂

  3. Peggy

    I’m truly sorry but Crunchy Chicken in Ham Sauce made me gag too…granted it is 9 a.m.

    Is that like Turducken? *ga ga ga*…trying to keep my coffee down.

    🙂 I’m actually a really nice person…don’t get me wrong *wretch*

  4. HeatherPride

    Boxed mac n cheese was the biggest WW shocker for me. I used to eat a lot of it, because without the butter it’s pretty low fat. But a zillion points. Damn.

  5. Sprite's Keeper

    You don’t like the Annie’s Mac? My toddler gobbled it up! Well, she also thinks ketchup is the main course of her meal, so I really can’t use her for comparison, can I?

  6. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Ohhhhh! So THAT’s what the Princess Nagger is doing when she stomps her foot…venting! 😉 She is also a Drama Queen when it comes to eating something she thinks she doesn’t like – including the whole gagging and spitting out something she thinks is atrocious. Or she’ll sit there, holding it in her mouth, with the most pitiful face… 🙂 Happy RTT! 🙂

  7. Julie at Cool Mom Guide

    I just went to the store and bought shells and cheese lmao.

  8. jaime

    i’ve been trying to decide what i want for lunch. now i really want mac n cheese

  9. GreenJello

    Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese should be piled into a bonfire and lit.

  10. Jenny

    LOL. I totally understand what you mean about the food. My two (step)daughters are notorious for liking something one day, and then the next day they hate it. Frustrates me to no end. However, I will say they are getting better about not verbally, or nonverbally expressing their dislike: Their 3 yr. old brother adores them and copies whatever they do.

  11. Kelly

    I agree with Peggy…ham sauce sounds so, so wrong.

    I’m all about mac and cheese though!

  12. Amy

    I too dislike whining BUT sometimes it has to happen!

  13. Tricia

    I think it’s a great idea to give ourselves permission to whine every now and then. You could have checked with me on the coffee thing…I’d have told you the truth :o)

  14. Keely

    Maybe you could punch something? Don’t hurt your fist though, then you’d be in really rough shape.

    No offense, but Crunchy Chicken in Ham Sauce sounds AWFUL.

  15. Saffa Chick

    Venting (and whining) is what blogs are for 😉

    Mac n Cheese is one of the few things I could eat during my first trimester. I don’t think I’ll be going near it again for a loooong time to come!

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