Quirks? I have no quirks…

Posted On March 27, 2009

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Okay, I lied, I have plenty.  This weeks edition of The Spin Cycle is all about quirks, check out Sprite’s Keeper for all the quirky goodness this week.  But, before you go, here are my quirks, in no particular order.

  • I hate peas.  I hate them so much, I can eat a frozen pot pie and leave a collection of peas in the tin when I am done eating the pie.
  • I can’t sleep without noise.  I grew up in a house close to some railroad tracks and a freeway.  When I say close, I mean we were the second house in from the corner and across the street from the house on the corner, there was tracks and freeway.  If it is quiet, I can’t sleep.  I either turn on the TV or the radio.
  • In college, I had color coded notes, highlighters and folders.  It was a system that worked well for me.  People always teased me about it and then begged to copy my notes.
  • I had to have a tooth removed because my mouth was too small.  No one believes me, because I am kind of a big mouth.
  • I hate the color pink, unless it is on The Tyrant then it is cute.  Otherwise, it is ugly.
  • I am not a big fan of cake but I make crazy cakes for the girls’ birthdays.  I prefer coffee cake, donuts or pie.
  • Coffee can make me sleepy or energized.  It just depends on my mood.


11 Responses to “Quirks? I have no quirks…”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    John has a white noise machine that I used to hate. I only preferred the quiet whirring noise of our ceiling fan. Then one day he turned it off and I couldn’t sleep! I kept tossing and turning and finally realized it was TOO quiet. When I turned on the white noise machine, I was asleep within minutes. You’re linked!

  2. Lori

    I cannot sleep without the noise of my fan. I even have to bring my fan with when I sleep away from home, otherwise I don’t sleep. (Gee, this is one of my major quirks and I totally forgot this when I was writing my post on quirks 🙂

    I hate the color pink too…unless it’s on my little lady.

  3. Sammanthia

    I’ve got to sleep with a fan, too. It’s something I started doing when I used to word 3rd shift and slept during the day. I started sleeping with a fan to drown out the noise of the neighborhood kids. It’s been ten years since I worked 3rd shift and I STILL sleep with a fan.
    I don’t like peas, either. Gross.

  4. bex

    we trained our kids to sleep through noise so we could get things done after they go to sleep, like vacuum. but when its time for me to sleep, i like it dark and quiet!

  5. HeatherPride

    I can only do the ceiling fan when I sleep. Traffic noise tends to keep me awake and makes me a little crazed!

  6. Casey

    I’m laughing at your tiny loud mouth. I hate pink too, I was worried I’d never be able to find clothes for my kid that weren’t pink. She has a few pinkish hand me downs that she can pull off but I don’t buy her stuff in that color. I never needed noise until I met my husband (who sleeps with a loud fan on). Now I have to also. You’re not SO weird.

  7. Tricia

    My mom also hates pink, so I rarely wore it as a child. It may explain the recent fascination I have with pink shirts.

    My step son can spend an hour picking peas out of pasta, and has. I only put them in a dish when I need some interesting dinner antics :o)

  8. Laufa

    My hubby hates peas too. He thinks they even spell awful. I’m not a fan of pink myself, but it’s my daughters favorite color – go figure.
    Great spin!

  9. dmwright

    I hate peas, too! With a passion! Yuck. Nothing is worse than green mush.

  10. cristin

    I love to sleep with a fan…

    I hate peas too.. actually, most green food….

    Visiting from Spin Cycle!

  11. Smart Mouth Broad

    My dentist told my mother that I should not be encouraged to pull or wiggle loose teeth because my mouth was too small for my permanent teeth. My mother enforced this rule strictly as she didn’t want to deal with braces. Nor did I. No one believed my mouth was too small because I am a big mouth too.

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