I have no balls

Posted On March 31, 2009

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I mentioned before that I am nuts.  Well, this weekend I found out that I am so nuts, I have no balls. I promised all of you pictures of The Tyrant’s cake when I finished it.  The thing it, I never finished it.  The balls disintegrated when I tried dipping them in chocolate.  I think I tried to make them too big.  So, apparently, big balls are great if you are AC/DC, and not WickedStepMom.

Ahem, sorry about that.  I ended up making her a whole new cake and topped it with cookies (Bear’s awesome idea).  I worked for almost two hours straight, and still had the pastry bag in hand when they walked in the door. I hid it behind my back and threw it out as soon as everyone was staring at the cake.  Not my best works, but I think it turned out really well.  The best part was that she absolutely loved it!

2 Responses to “I have no balls”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Aw, WSM! I made the same mistake at first and then made them smaller. Also, I noticed in her recipe, Bakerella says to freeze them a little to help them stiffen up. You always want stiff balls before you dip them. I should change the prior sentence before I hit submit comm-

  2. Casey

    Balls are overrated anyway. I’m glad you were able to pull off a second cake in time!

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