Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s Tuesday?!?

First, why didn’t someone tell me it was Tuesday!!  I mean, it’s Tuesday and I didn’t even know!!  Check out Keely for more randomness…

Ever hear of The Wallet Fairy?  Its the little fairy that goes into your wallet and takes money out without telling you about it. Bear and I reverse Wallet Fairy each other.  That is where you find money in your wallet that someone put n there without telling you about it.  I know, we are strange.

Obviously, I forgot that it is Tuesday.  For some reason, my brain is making it Wednesday.  And I am kind of scared by the prospect.  What is my brain trying to hurry towards?

 Bear sent me this the other day, because he is awesome.  You can’t have him ladies, he is mine!


The Show is getting taller than me.  I think I should ground her for growing…  The Mother Hen is already taller than me, so I can’t exactly punish her…  but the other two, I think they are doing it to make me feel short! 😉

I hate Instant Messengers.  They are a required part of my job, but I hate them.  People always IM at the worst possible times and then keep IMing until you respond.  Here’s a tip people, if I don’t answer, its because I AM BUSY!!

I am still a gimp.  And I will probably continue to be one.  Crutches really would make me sad though, so I am hoping I don’t end up needed them.  Wish me luck!

The Tribe is going to be on Spring Break pretty soon.  We don’t have anything planned.  There may be a mutiny. Although, being marooned on a deserted island does not sound so bad.  I mean, as long as there was beach access, I am sure I would get along just fine.

13 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: It’s Tuesday?!?”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I’ve heard of explosive chemistry, but Wow!

  2. Amy

    Yes, it is Tuesday already! Times flies!

  3. georgie

    stoppin by from un moms RTT to say Hi…
    enjoyed all your randomness

  4. jenjw4

    Yes, don’t move onto Wednesday, that’s just one day closer to death. Cheerful, huh?
    I wish someone would reverse wallet fairy me!

  5. Captain Dumbass

    He should have given her the drink. She’s hawt!

  6. GreenJello

    Tip: change your status to “Away” so they’ll leave you alone when you’re busy. 🙂

  7. Casey

    We do the reverse wallet fairy thing too, I’ll take a bunch of cash out of the ATM and stick half of it in Jamie’s wallet. We’re so nice.

    You should really start feeding the kids coffee to stunt their growth. You can’t have everyone in the house outgrowing you or you’ll need stilts instead of crutches.

    Feel better, fingers crossed that your foot heals soon!

    I love IM though, sorry. Only for my husband and I though, not for everyone I know pinging me. Then it’s annoying.

  8. blueviolet

    I’m with you on the IM thing. I tried Skyping recently and it drives me crazy because I can’t get anything done with that thing dinging all the time.

  9. HeatherPride

    MMMMMM the beach…..it’s been a long, long time….. *sigh*

  10. steenky bee

    Sorry you’re still a gimp. What if we get you one of those new fangled scooters the kids love these days. That would be a hoot! (Sorry, for some reason I thought it might be fun to talk like I was 70 on your blog.)

  11. Keely

    I hate IMs too. There’s no defined etiquette. Like, god forbid I go change my child’s diaper and forget to list myself as ‘away’. STOP NUDGING ME!!

    Texting is totally different.

  12. Angel

    I would have totally fought over the drink! Happy RTT!

  13. Tricia

    Please let me know if grounding the kids so they’ll stop growing works so I can do it too.

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