Stop singing in my FACE!!

Actual conversation in the car while driving home from the store.  Radio Disney is playing.  The Mother Hen and The Show are singing along.

The Tyrant: “Shut up, [The Show] you are singing in my face!”

The Show: “[The Mother Hen] is singing too!  Why aren’t you yelling at her?”

The Tyrant: “She is not singing in my face!”

The Show: ” I am not even looking at you!”

Bear: “Can it!”

The Tyrant: “But she is ruining my song!”

Bear: “I will ruin it too.” 

Bear starts singing the wrong words way off key as loud as he can.

The Tyrant: “[WickedStepMom], HELP!”


6 Responses to “Stop singing in my FACE!!”

  1. Amy

    Car trips — so much fun! Funny!

  2. HeatherPride

    My mom is always trying to strike up a convo in the car during my favorite songs, too. Just when I’m really getting down with the lyrics and putting on my best car-star voice. It bothers me as much as it does The Tyrant!

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    Ha! SO not wanting to be in that car right now!

  4. Casey

    Ha! We’re already in the stage where Graham screams if Elliot even looks in his direction, I’m sure the singing in his face objection isn’t too far off.

  5. movindowntheroad

    sounds like my house. and then, at night, my 8 year old tends to sing to herself when she gets drowsy, and if my 6 year old is still awake, she gets PISSED OFF

  6. Jenny

    LOL Bear is so funny. Good way to handle it.

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