Spin Cycle: Time

Posted On April 3, 2009

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5:00 am – Get up, shower, dress, its too early!

5:20 am – Make lunches, turn on coffee maker, NEED COFFEE!

5:40 am – Make coffee, pack up for the day, Don’t forget anything!

5:55 am – On the road, traffic stinks…

6:20 am – Drop off The Mother Hen, wish a good day

6:55 am – Drop off Bear, wait?!  What are we having for dinner?

7:00 am – Make it to work, e-mail, blog, coffee, voicemail…

11:30 am – It’s lunch time already?, am I even hungry?

12:30 pm – Back to work, Not too much longer now

3:00 pm – Time to go?  Really?, Where did the day go?

3:10 pm – Pick up Bear, Rant about the day

4:00 pm – Pick up The Mother Hen, Any homework?

5:30 pm – Dinner

6:30 pm – Chores, it’s 6:30? What happened to the day

7:30 pm – Fall asleep watching TV, wait what time is it again?

7:50 pm – Snack, always hungry for a snack

8:30 pm – Bed time, Thank goodness, I am beat

During my day, there never seems to be enough time.


9 Responses to “Spin Cycle: Time”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Oy! If I had your day I would be tired too! Great Spin and timeline! You’re linked!

  2. Lori

    I totally agree with you, there is never enough time for it all!

  3. Casey

    I hear you with not enough time! 5AM doesn’t register on any of my clocks, that is waaaaaaaaaaay too early for me.

  4. dmwright

    That made me tired! Your day is jam-packed!!

  5. HeatherPride

    5 am? I could never do it. I can barely do 6:30!

  6. Joanie

    I’m tired just reading your post! Oh wait… it’s nearly midnight already. nevermind. 🙂
    Great busy busy spin!

  7. Camille

    I’d fall asleep at 7:30 too, if I was up at 5! Holy heavens, that’s early!

  8. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Holy Moly that made me tired reading it… 🙂 Great spin! 🙂

  9. Saffa Chick

    Sheesh. I scanned that and thought that’s exhausting… then wait – a snack at 8pm, that’s when I serve dinner, when did you eat dinner? 5:30pm?! I’m still at work then, when do you start your day? 7am you’re in the office?!

    What? I’d die having to start work that early…

    Is that shift work or a normal American day? Most people here start work at 9am and leave at 6pm – does that make us wierd?

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