Miss Manners?

Lately, I have noticed that people are extremely rude and getting ruder.  People will be talking on their cell phones on dates, in doctors’ offices, and even public restrooms.  People will cut you off in traffic and then give you a filthy look.  People will knock you over and not even say anything.  This is becoming normal.

I miss manners.  I miss them a lot.  People use to hold doors open and smile as you walked by.  Now, they scowl and slam doors in your face.  What happened?  When did it become acceptable to not give a damn about your fellow human beings?  Is it something with the more recent generations or am I missing something?

People also think it is acceptable for others to not have manners.  There is a store near us that Bear and I don’t shop at because the people are rude.  I was discussing this store with someone today.  She shruged when I said that people are rude at the store.  “I am just rude right back,” was how she explained it to me.  To me, if I am going to a store to spend money, the least the workers at the store could be is polite.  Now, I am not talking about one rude person, I am talking about all of the employees being jerks.  If they are rude, I won’t shop there. 

What about you…  Do you miss manners?

8 Responses to “Miss Manners?”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I definitely miss manners. You can always tell when people are just looking for a fight. So, when I’m polite and they growl at me, I call them on it like a teacher admonishing a child. I get one of two responses, either an apology and a “I’m having a bad day” or a request that I do something to myself.
    You’re very right. I would not shop at a store who doesn’t care about customer service.
    Great Spin! You’re linked!

  2. HeatherPride

    In my job I’m kind of used to getting treated like crap, but it bothers me more when people are rude to my kids. I hate that so much!

  3. Tricia

    My family has been in retail for three generations and manners and customer service are hallmarks of the business. It bugs me to no end when store personnel are rude and there’s simply no excuse for it, and it sits squarely on the shoulders of management who aren’t doing their job to insist on creating a positive shopping experience. I also “vote” with my wallet and choose to shop else where.

    Rude children drive me a little batty as well, especially those who are old enough to know better, but most likely their parents are also rude…and yea, rude adults make me cross eyed.

  4. Casey

    Oh yeah, I sure do miss manners. I experienced a rude customer service person today after bringing my engagement ring back in for the SECOND TIME THIS MONTH to have the setting tightened (the diamond was almost falling out). She couldn’t have given a shit, even though I tried asking her if there was anything more I/they could do to avoid having to bring it in all the time to get fixed. I wanted to punch her in the face but I had Elliot with me and that would have been a bad example. Plus, jail and all.. not cool.

  5. steenky bee

    I miss manners, definitely. I remember about ten years ago, I was at the grocery store getting some much needed supplies. I had just worked up the nerve to leave my abusive ex-husband and I was scared to death how I would get by. I was also ashamed, devastated and embarassed of my situation. The cashier at the register was full of attitude and so rude to me. I went out to my car and just sat in it for about 15 minutes and bawled. She had no idea the stress I was under and how horrible I felt about myself at the time. A little extra effort on her part would have gone a long way.

    Speaking of bad manners, ahem…you’ll notice I didn’t get my post up by the 20th. I’m finishing it and posting it next Monday. So sorry for the delay!!

  6. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I absolutely miss manners – it’s amazing how many people seem to be missing even the basics… I absolutely would stop shopping at a store where all the employees were rude – life’s too short to deal with people like that – especially when it’s all the employees, not just one or two.

  7. Kathi

    manners?? what are THOSE?? inDEED!! more often than not, if i get bad service, i try to do what grandma said-“kill em with kindness”-and if that doesnt work-i try to excuse their behavior by wondering if perhaps their dog got hit by a car-or they just got bad news, etc etc.-however-NO more excuses-if ya cant be decent-STAY HOME! the sad thing is our children are learning this awful rudeness because of the bad examples being set .

    a handwritten note of thanx for a kind deed goes a LONG-ASS way these days! so seldom do people really ‘see’ how their behavior affects everyone around them-our mission is to NOT LET IT AFFECT US!
    usually, if i get treated badly, i just say on my way out the door “I hope you have a BETTER DAY!” and smile.
    i was dropping of a prescription and talking on the cell the other day-the pharmacy chick refused to talk to me until i hung up-i believe she had that right-she waited for me to finish before she filled my ‘script. i almost got huffy, but decided SHE WAS RIGHT. so-i DO watch the cell phone ettiquette as much as i can.
    yep-time to make sure the yong-‘uns KNOW what respect is-we dont hafta LIKE it, but we MUST have respect. [even if others dont have any, we still Must!]
    good thoughts everyone!
    as an aside-we ABSOLUTELY made CERTAIN our kid knew *polite*! whether he actually IS polite or not, we dont really know yet. :>D

  8. Ginger

    I know what you mean. The whole world has gone mad. I particularly miss manners every day when my neighbors allow their dog to come over and poop in my yard. How rude is that? These same neighbors have a 10 year old girl that they allow to interrupt every single sentence anyone is trying to say. The two of them cannot talk. The minute one of them try to say something, the 10 year old interrupts and they allow her to hi-jack the conversation. It drives me bonkers!

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