Abuse and a bunny

Posted On April 13, 2009

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The Easter Bunny came and dropped off a few baskets.  But, the jerk didn’t finish assembling them and so Bear, The Mother Hen, and I fixed them up.  (In case you are wondering, yes we did make her set up her own basket…)  The Easter Bunny must think the kids stink, because they got a lot of soaps and lotions.   With some candy on the side. 

I got out-smarted by the bows that were set up for the bags that we put the baskets in. So, Bear ended up having to make them.  I was teased mercilessly about being dumber than a bow.  I think there were still teasing me about it this morning but I tuned them out. 🙂

At dinner, we were surrounded by my relatives.  And Bear was telling a very animated story, gesturing wildly with his hands.  He accidentally karate chopped me in my broken foot.  I clutched my foot and tried to tell him that it was okay.  But my uncle walked up to him, with his eyes all big, “Did you hit her?”  Bear, who was sincerely upset answered, “Yeah, right in the foot.”  My uncle grins, “Good job, man!”  So, Bear was able to laugh it off.  After dinner, he iced it and made sure that I wouldn’t get up for anything. 

Next year though, I think he should abuse the bunny and I will make the baskets!!


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Conversation this morning:

The Mother Hen: I don’t want to go to school.  Can I start Spring Break early?

Bear: No

(as we are pulling into the school parking lot)

The Mother Hen: Last chance, guys, I still don’t have to go.

Bear: [The Mother Hen], I would never deny you a chance to broaden your mind.

Me: What kind of parents would we be if we denied you an education.

The Mother Hen: You people suck!


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Stories that need to be told: Part 4

Okay girls, I am going to tell you a story about me this time. Hopefully, this will make you understand why I hate, “In a minute”.

This morning, I saw a commercial that made me think of my ex husband. It was a Scrubbing Bubbles Shower Cleaner commercial. The scrubbing bubbles made me think of the infamous shower curtain argument. Here is how it went… I asked him from the time we got up that morning until the blow out to help me clean the house. I kept hearing “in a minute”. After about an hour of me working and him sitting, he asked what I wanted him to do. I gave him a list of like 6 things, including clean the shower and replace the curtain. 3 and 1/2 hours later, he still hadn’t started on anything that I had asked him to do. So, I started doing it. Figuring that at least if it was done I would feel better and be able to go grocery shopping. I did everything on the list and I was half way through changing the shower curtain when he came storming into the bathroom. He demanded the curtain hooks and said “If I do this, you can’t [complain]* and say I didn’t help. And maybe you will stop nagging me.” I refused. He left. He went to my best friend and complained about me. He told my best friend that I hounded him all day long. My best friend didn’t buy it. But, I will never forget how he told the story.

So, my girls, I want you to remember this.  And remember most of all, not to get into a relationship with someone who will not work with you.  Working together is more important than a lot of other things.  And if you can’t work together, one of you will end up feeling taken advantage of, or worse.

* Edited for swearing content.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: What the Hell?

Posted On April 7, 2009

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One of the two elevators at my work place is broken.  I have  a broken foot here people!!  And I need vending machine snacks!

This morning, I woke up feeling like crud.  Bear bought me a Coke Zero. I feel better now.

It’s snowing for the second day here.  Which is awesome in my fracture boot.  The water feels great when it seeps into my shoe. 

At the rate we are going through gas lately, Bear and I should buy a gas station.  But, then we would be a part of the legion of evil that is the gas industry and I am not sure that I am ready for that kind of commitment.

For as much as I hate doctors, I really need to find activities that won’t get me sent there all of the time.

Yesterday, when I was at the doctor’s, the receptionist asked if I was pregnant.  I am wondering if I should be offended by that.  (I am 5’5″ and 117 lbs)

Food allergies are horrific bad not so good, when you could eat the food at one point in your life.  Because I will have cravings for food that I use to be able to eat.  My current craving is pepperoni pizza.  Turkey pepperoni is just not the same.


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Spin Cycle: Time

Posted On April 3, 2009

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5:00 am – Get up, shower, dress, its too early!

5:20 am – Make lunches, turn on coffee maker, NEED COFFEE!

5:40 am – Make coffee, pack up for the day, Don’t forget anything!

5:55 am – On the road, traffic stinks…

6:20 am – Drop off The Mother Hen, wish a good day

6:55 am – Drop off Bear, wait?!  What are we having for dinner?

7:00 am – Make it to work, e-mail, blog, coffee, voicemail…

11:30 am – It’s lunch time already?, am I even hungry?

12:30 pm – Back to work, Not too much longer now

3:00 pm – Time to go?  Really?, Where did the day go?

3:10 pm – Pick up Bear, Rant about the day

4:00 pm – Pick up The Mother Hen, Any homework?

5:30 pm – Dinner

6:30 pm – Chores, it’s 6:30? What happened to the day

7:30 pm – Fall asleep watching TV, wait what time is it again?

7:50 pm – Snack, always hungry for a snack

8:30 pm – Bed time, Thank goodness, I am beat

During my day, there never seems to be enough time.

Rant Warning: Role Models

Posted On April 2, 2009

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So, I have dusted off the pedestal again and have climbed up, with my good foot. This rant is brought to you by Donte Stallworth and righteous fiery. 

Donte Stallworth, Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver, and role model to little boys and girls every where, got into his car while drunk and ran over a pedestrian.  The man that he hit was a construction worker, going to the bus stop after work to catch a ride home.  Stallworth was at a bar drinking all night.  This is what he had to say about it:

Stallworth released a statement four days after the incident saying he and his family were “grief-stricken.”

“My thoughts and prayers are with the Reyes family during this incredibly difficult time,” he said.

You know what I have to say about this… You’re grief stricken? You who makes millions of dollars and can afford the worlds best defense attorneys to make sure that you don’t have to pay for this crime?  You who made a choice to get behind the wheel?  You who, by getting behind the wheel, says it is okay to drink and drive?

I hope he spends 15 years in jail.  I hope he apologizes not just to this man’s family but to children everywhere.  I hope the NFL never lets him play again.  In a perfect world, when he gets out of prison, he will be the one working midnights and worrying about drunk drivers when he crosses the street to catch the bus home.

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