Everybody Panic!!

Time Magazine did a great story on the Top 10 Panics.  In honor of their contribution to the world, and as part of this weeks Spin Cycle, I am going to create a list of things for us to panic over in the next year.

1. Global Warming – I know, its real but I don’t think we have had a full on panic about it lately.  I am talking about a whole this tropic storm is caused by global warming and we are all going to die!!

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup– Yeah, its bad for you.  But, I want it to be the cause of the next Zombie Apocalypse.  Should that fail, it should be the cause of the next Children of the Corn invasion!  Being that it is corn, this is probably more likely.

3. Atomic Powered Mars Rovers – These things are really going to tick of the aliens.  When they get mad, well…  its bad for us.  Unless the common cold gets them first.

4. Identity TheftHackers – They are going to steal everyone’s identity and no one will know who anyone is.  We will all have to walk around with name tags.  And since we will not know our own names, we will have to make them up.  So there will be a billion Tom Jones’ running around.

5. Drug in Tap Water – Anti-depressants and mind controlling drugs will be dumped into our tap water.  That way, the government and big business can control us.  They will use TV to control our minds and get us to buy stuff to stimulate the economy.


6 Responses to “Everybody Panic!!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    The one on HFCS? I can’t stop laughing over that! I love the way both sides get “passionate” about their cause and how I get “looks” when I give my kid something with HFCS in it, because I’m obviously killing her slowly.
    Folks, it hasn’t killed me. Yet. It won’t kill her.
    Wonderful Spin! You’re linked!

  2. rebekah

    Mainly it’s the Mars Rovers one. Because until now, it wasn’t in my top 100. But now you’ve got me thinking…

  3. blissfully caffeinated

    Personally? I love High Fructose Corn Syrup. It tases good. And it’s made of corn. So it’s like eating your vegetables, but if your vegetables tasted like ring pops and pepsi and stuff.

  4. HeatherPride

    Is there any way to request an increase in the drug levels in my water? We just had to go with a new Rx plan and it’s not cheap.

  5. Casey

    I guess the identity theft one is the most likely but everyone I’ve ever known who has had it happened has been protected by their credit card and it hasn’t been such a big deal.

  6. movindowntheroad

    I dont worry so much about the big stuff other than getting some major disease from someone sneezing on me (or the airplane bathroom). most things are so uncontrollable that it seems so hard to think about! (much less panic about). Although I worry about gas leaks and my house blowing up…and someone kidnapping or hurting my kids.

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