Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where is everyone?

I have been looking around the blogosphere lately and wondering what has happened to everyone.  Good Father has been MIA for a long time. Other bloggers have been posting sporadically  at best.  So, where did everyone go?  Is it too hard to type with the hooves that the swine flu gave you?

The universe has to keep things balanced so, since there are fewer bloggers, there have been a ton more people in my neighborhood.  They have invaded like locusts and you can’t even turn out of the grocery store parking lot to go home.  So, its either run out of groceries at home or figure out out to cook in the trunk of your car because while you have groceries, you are not getting them home before dinner. Its a good thing that my cars seats fold flat because I can get a sleeping bag in there and take a nap after I have had all of the food that doesn’t need to be cooked to be eaten.

I lost The Show this weekend.  I was looking all over for her around the house. Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder, “What are you looking for?” The Show asked.  I was stunned, she had been following me around the house trying to help me look for herself.  I think they have finally made me lose my mind. Bear just looked at me, shook his head and said “Welcome to parenthood.”

I decided that to solve all of my problems, I will need to consume my weight in Godiva chocolate?  Do they think they will give me a cut rate if I order it all at once? And which chocolate is heavier… white, dark or milk? Because I want the lightest one so I get the most chocolate. Wow.. I have put way too much thought into this.

A person I know at work put their hand under a running lawn mower.  They chopped their finger in half down the center.  It required multiple stitches and the bone is shatter on his middle finger.  But, as they were telling the story, I was really shocked that someone would not only put their hand under a lawn mower, but that they put it under a running lawn mower.  It is suppose to CUT grass!  Did they think that it would not hurt them?  You know, it is just a sharp object moving REALLY FAST!!


15 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Where is everyone?”

  1. Julie@Momspective

    I think there was a giant boom on blogging about 7 months ago and people got super into it and equally as overwhelmed. I’m noticing people dropping off the grid everywhere!

  2. Tricia

    I’ve been thinking the same thing as I’ve seen several bloggers drop out lately, several that I’ll miss!

    I love that the girls have made you lose your mind…craziness is the true essence of motherhood :o)

  3. Tricia

    I forgot…if you need someone to help you eat your weight in chocolate…I’m your girl.

  4. Selaen

    It’s all to do with springtime, the new-found glory of sunshine and hormones.. Everybody’s got “more important” stuff to do than blogging. 😦

    I love your wee story about The Show. It’s so cute of her to follow you about, and I can’t believe you didn’t notice her! 😀


  5. Cindi @ Moomettesgram's Musings

    I’ve noticed it too. I think there’s so many bloggers now newbies are getting discouraged. Plus, competition for readers is fierce.
    Also, many have dropped out of ec and people forgot to bookmark their favorite sites, and maybe lost track of those blog addresses. I tried to bookmark sites before I removed my widget.

    Happy RTT & mine’s posted too!

    Mama Mentor

  6. Cameron

    I worked a factory job once, and actually saw half a finger go flying across the the work area. That was kinda weird 😉

    Happy RTT!

  7. Sprite's Keeper

    I think dark chocolate is the lightest since it’s the least messed with. Send me the milk chocolate, it’s a good fat!

  8. GreenJello

    Your co-worker is an idiot. Seriously.

    Under a RUNNING lawn mower? Hello, McFly!

  9. Casey

    OMG, what the hell were they thinking? I’m the one who chances the lawn mower blades here and I’m always paranoid that it’s going to magically start up and cut off my hand.

    There have been way too many bloggers disappearing lately, you’re right. I can name about ten people on my blogroll who up and vanished. Weird.

    The Show going missing is hilarious. I did the same thing with Graham last month but I was holding him at the time.

  10. blissfully caffeinated

    Dude, I know someone who cut off his sister’s leg with a lawnmower. No joke. Can’t mess around with those things. Also, my dad once ran over our dog with the lawn mower but it only cut off his dew claw. My dad duct taped it and he was OK.

    I miss Goodfather, too, and Jim from IPR. Hope to see them back soon. I sometimes post really sporadically though, so I can’t complain. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

  11. Kyooty

    I’m guessing coworker was trying to unblock or clean the grass out of the lawnmower? stupid but everyone has their stupid days.
    hehe on the lost child, that’s funny! we lost my sister once when she was about 3? she had walked to my greatgrandmother’s apartment, by herself up a main street.

  12. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I’ve noticed the disappearing act of bloggers, too – it seems to be getting to that time of year where people are starting to pull themselves away from the computer into the outside world… 🙂

    My brother was a doofus and grabbed his (running) lawnmower at the bottom for whatever reason, and chopped off the top of his index finger at the knuckle – he found the finger tip (covered in grass) and wrapped it and his hand in a towel and started kicking on neighbor doors yelling for help – no one appeared to be home until he got to like the 5 or 7th house down from where his was and a nice lady called 911 – he lucked out, there was a major plastic surgeon at the hospital he was taken to, so they were able to successfully reattach his finger…he never got full feeling in his finger tip, more like a tingling sensation. He’s never done that again…D’OH! 🙂

    That was HILARIOUS that The Show was following you around looking for herself…LOL!!

  13. Fiona

    ouch all the lawnmower stories are giving me the chills… I’m a newer blogger so I’m not sure about that but if you are desperate for more blogs to read I’d love to have ya’ll over to my place 😉 lol

  14. movindowntheroad

    I find there is SO much out there and then I get overwhelmed…plus, I am getting ready for my guy to come home, but still…for me, i depends on what;s going on in my life.

  15. Keely

    Um…wow. Your co worker should have had himself sterilized at the hospital while he was getting stitched up. It’s not like lawnmowers are typically quiet machines that you might not notice running.

    I’d say go with the dark chocolate. More bang for your buck.

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