Random Tuesday Thoughts: Need sleep

It’s Random, It’s Tuesday.. Want more? Go see Keely.

* I do not well with little sleep.  I have been sleep deprived all week.  I have been forgetting things, losing things, and losing track of the time. The worse thing I did was look for my cell phone while I was holding it in my hand.

* The dinner wars have intensified in our house.  Our rice eater is no longer eating rice.  She never ate potatoes.  I am running out of stuff to try and feed her.  It use to be so easy with her.  Just cover whatever it was in ketchup and she would eat it.  Now, even ketchup won’t save us.

* The Show has become quite the student.  She spent three days working on her paper, almost non-stop for her English class.  We are very proud of her.  Even though she was a little cross-eyed from staring at her computer monitor.

* A co-worker of mine is starting a farm.  He is getting himself really set up.  Now, other co-workers are fantasizing about working on a farm and cutting themselves off from the world.  No phone, no TV, no internet…  And I was with them until they said no internet.  I am an internet junkie.  And I will not go to a 12 step program, thank you very little!

* The Mother Hen got a new phone.  He old phone was  pre-paid so she had limited texting.  Her new one is on a family plan, and she can text as much as she wants.  Her phone has been beeping off the hook and she sounds like a legal secretary typing on the little keyboard. At least we know we can always text in her chore list.

* Bear and I were watching Wheel of Forture last night.  We get way too much entertainment about making fun of the way people are dressed on the show.  There was a lady wearing a green shirt with a very wide belt across her stomach.  Bear asked, “Why would you need a Belt of Giant Strength to hold on to your Christmas Tree bib?” 

* I had a craving for a BBQ chicken pizza this past weekend.  So, I ordered a small and barely ate two pieces.  I was shocked.  I guess part of me still remembers what it was like when I weighed almost twice as much as I do now.  I would have eaten an extra large by myself.  I am still surprised at the fact that I eat so differently.  (As a side note, I lost the weight because of three reasons: 1. getting rid of my ex 2. new food allergies 3. exercise)

* I still remember what it was like in the very beginning with the girls.  They used to really hate me.  So now, when we are sitting there and laughing at our own inside jokes and Bear is rolling his eyes at us, I am so grateful.  People always want to know how we got to be the way we are, and all I can say is time and love.


6 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Need sleep”

  1. Lulu and Moxley's Mom

    It’s obvious how much you love them through your posts. Opposite of Wicked Step Mom!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Starting a farm? Plowing the field? Getting up before dawn and coming back in after dark? Has he weighed all the pros and cons of this?

  3. GreenJello

    The “time and love” have worked pretty well with my step-daughters, too… wish it would be reciprocal with my daughters and their step-dad. Sigh.

  4. mom in high heels

    I’m not a nice person on little sleep. I need a good 10 hours a night, and maybe a 2 hour nap during the day. It’s bad.
    And starting a farm? REALLY? Maybe he should watch the movie Holiday Inn before he does this. Jim (Bing Crosby) had the grand idea that owning a farm would be more peaceful than show biz. He ended up in a sanatorium to rest up. Something to think about.

  5. Casey

    Aww, that last one made me teary eyed. I’ve got a picky eater over here and it’s so frustrating… I feel your pain. At least your kids are old enough to NOT throw their food if they don’t want it, grrrr…

  6. ArtSnark

    Great RTT – farmers. family & pizza – very all american!

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