Random Tuesday Thoughts: Wait, it’s Tuesday already?



Welcome to this week’s edition of Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Check out Keely’s place if you want to know more.  I am too tired and it feels like Monday.

* I am taking up a new mantra.  “Boys are like coffee.  Best when ground up and stored in the freezer.”  It may not last long because I like coffee and don’t want to defame it by linking it up with teen-aged boys who make my girls cry.

* Poptarts are the ultimate breakfast food.  There is fruit and grains and frosting.  (Assuming that you get the right kind of course.)  I just wish that they were cheaper.  We go through like 4-6 boxes a week.  Perhaps an intervention is in order.

* I wonder if miniature cowscan be kept as pets.  If they can be, would they make good guard animals, like ducks or geese do?  I want a mini-cow.  I will name him Bill and he can keep us safe from grass.  Because he will eat it all.  This way, I won’t want to put in AstroTurf.

* The girls were playing a lot of Thrillville in party mode for the Xbox this weekend.  It has a bunch of mini-games where you can compete against eachother.  My favorite parts to this was when the Tyrant beat her sisters she would dance and shake her butt in celebration.  The Show was using a sniper rifle on the roof tops to shoot her sisters in a cowboy shoot-out game.  The Mother Hen, who hadn’t really played the game before had to keep asking which buttons did what.  When her sisters didn’t answer her, she would tickle them until they told her.

* Over the weekend we had hotdogs on the grill.  Bear made them.  They were awesome and they had no burned parts.  He just worked himself into a job.  And I can be demanding for grilled hotdogs with no burned parts. 🙂


7 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Wait, it’s Tuesday already?”

  1. Kat

    My mantra as of late has been “Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without their paychecks..”

  2. Maureen at IslandRoar

    I think boys would take up too much room in the freezer (my freezer, anyway), but there must be someplace to store them…

    Poptarts and cows are very big over here too.

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    I like Kat’s Mantra!
    Wish you lived in my area. Poptarts are BOGO over here!

  4. Casey

    Ha, I love your new slogan! Boys are jerks, I plan on raising mine to be a nice guy though so don’t worry.

    I’ve heard of miniature horses as pets but not cows. Jamie is usually the ultimate grillmaster but he failed at the hot dog job this weekend. Glad to hear yours were better than mine!

  5. Keely


    I’ve heard the mini horses make great pets (and great guard animals). Not sure on the cows!

  6. Captain Dumbass

    Poptarts. *hugs self, smiling*

  7. Jill@modernmommyblog

    Oh boy I am not looking forward to teenage boys who make teenage girls cry. Or should I say, they should not look forward to me!
    My husbands favorite food is poptarts. If there is a box or two or three in the house they will be gone in a day.

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