What we teach our kids

Posted On May 27, 2009

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I had the “pleasure” of encountering a family of jerks.  I wish that I had had the pleasure of throwing water balloons at them.  I did however learn quite a few things from my encounters with them.  And even though I wish that I had not had to spend time with them, I am glad I was able to learn something from it.

I learned that without a doubt jerk-behaviour is taught.  That is not saying that one bad apple can’t happen.  But, if the parents are jerks, the kids will be jerks too, in most cases.  For this family, this was true from the grandparents on down.  Part of me feels bad for the kids who will become adults because they were just never taught anything better.

I learned to always trust my instincts.  If I feel something is wrong, but I just can’t put my finger on it… It is still best to remove all of us from the situations as quickly as possible.  It could be something subliminal or something that just feels not quite right, but it is important to follow that danger sense.  Every single time I don’t, people turn out to be undeserving of the benefit of the doubt. 

I was reminded that it is our responsibility to teach our kids to be respectable human beings.  No one else is going to teach them and if we don’t they will follow whatever seems like the most popular thing to do.  And that might not be the best thing for them to do.

I just hope I am teaching the girls right with my daily actions as well as my words.  Actions speak louder than words and I truly hope that I practice what I preach.

5 Responses to “What we teach our kids”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Hear hear! I think you’re doing fine, and if you can recognize the jerk behavior and learn to steer the girls away from it, you’re truly above the rest of the crowd, who prefer to try to ignore it.

  2. Maureen at IslandRoar

    Yeah, the apple never falls far. I try to instill in my kids to trust their gut, but it can be hard.
    Good for you.

  3. Casey

    Jerks like that are all around us which is why I’m terrified to let my kids out of the house. It’s inevitable that we’ll find some jerks everywhere we go.

  4. movindowntheroad

    we just had a conversation about respect tonight. my daughter asked why I yelled all the time (which I don’t, unless it is the fifth time I ask them to do something or not do something)…and so I spoke of us all respecting each other, parents, teachers, friends, siblings…my girls do on all accounts except of course, when I tell them it’s time to be quiet and go to sleep…thus, the yelling. And I feel like crap and that I am not showing them respect…it sucks (can you tell this just happened an hour ago in our house?) At any rate, I am thinking I am likely raising two girls who will respect others and be respectable. I know alot who aren’t and yes, see it in their parents.

  5. HeatherPride

    Jerks are no fun. The bad thing is they come in all ages and sizes.

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