Random Tuesday Thoughts: Celebrities wants your brains…

Its Random Tuesday Thoughts time again.  The day is not random, its the thoughts that are..  Want to know more?  Go see Keely.  She may just show you her teeny Sim, she is most definitely that kind of girl. 😉

* Bear and I have been trying some new fiber bars.  He described the experience as eating a mattress drizzled in chocolate.  The Mother Hen called him a “huge baby.”  I offered him some brocolli and he said he would rather eat mattresses covered in chocolate.  So, I think he will be sticking to them for a while. 

* Bear tends to get salty when I quote him on my blog.  The above commentary is so worth the amount of salt he will display later today.

* I am pretty excited about moving.  One of the many reasons is because we will be a lot closer to Trade Joe’s.  Organic, Sulfate free, cheese ravioli here I come!  I may need to join HASAY just because we are moving.  It will be totally worth it though!

* Favorite quotes of the week:

Wicked Step Mom: Oh [The Show], you are my favorite!!

The Show: I am not taking out the garbage!

*So many celebraties have died lately, I am starting to worry about an epidemic.  We will soon be invaded by zombie celebrities who remake and redo everything that has been done before.  Wait a minute…  that is already happening.

Spin Cycle: Green Eyed Monsters

Posted On June 26, 2009

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I am not normally the jealous type.  Bear is a gigantic flirt and always has been.  The only person that he is not a smooth talker with is me.  I think that he can be a smooth talker when he doesn’t mean it.  Because when he tries to be like that with me, he gets all tongue tied.  He always has a smile, a wink or a hug for the ladies he knows.  I actually like that about him.

There is one thing that will make me outragously jealous…  if a woman makes a meal special for him.  Not if they go out to lunch and she pays but when she actually cooks for him.  Two years at his work’s holiday party, one of the girls made a dessert that he really loved.  (It was called Mud.  Cool-whip, chocolate pudding and Oreos.)  So, last year, she said she was going to make it again especially for him.  I was so angry and offended.  I wanted to march in there and say, “HE’S TAKEN!!”  I am not entirely sure where the food jealousy comes from.  But, he was seriously shocked that I was upset.  He even offered to not eat the dessert.    (Isn’t he awesome?)  In the end, he ended up eatting the dessert and no harm came to the woman that prepared it.

A new place

Posted On June 25, 2009

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Our hunt for a new home is finally over. We will probably be moving in a few weeks. Moving to me has always been bittersweet. I look forward to the new place but I am sad to leave the old place.

We have all moved a lot over the years. Bear was in the military so, he and the girls moved a lot when they were young. They spent some time out of the US and a lot of time all over the US.

I am hoping that this will be one of the last moves we have to make. I am hoping after this year we will have a house of our own to call home. This year is going to go by fast and not fast enough…

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Who Knew?

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, brought to you by The UnMom, the number 4 and the f-word.  Its time again for the weekly mental purge of all the randomness that has been spinning around our heads.  I warn you, things may get a little sticky.

* This is my 201st post.  I had no idea until I clicked on “New Post.”  I am rather shocked I missed it.  For my 100th post, I talked about myself.  For the 200th, I talked about comics.  Was I suppose to do something special?  I mean, once you break through 100 it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal anymore…

* We are still looking for a place to land.  It is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  In my head, we would magically find a place that was perfect for us and all live happily ever after.  I think being a parent has effected my brain because looking at that sentence, I must have been downright delusional.

* Bear got a new game yesterday.  Its called Left 4 Dead. So I went to sleep last night listening to gun shots and zombie’s moaning. I did not sleep at all because of all the nightmares slept like a baby… Thanks, Dear. 

*I haven’t been able to golf so far this year because of my broken foot.  (The Dr said it could take another 6 month – 1 year to heal but may never fully heal.)  On Friday, Bear and the girls took me to mini-golf.  I got two holes-in-one.  We lost 1 golf ball.  We kept holding people up because there were 5 of us. (5 people and mini-golf do not mix well.)  We had no slushy spills.  Over all, it was an awesome trip!  I had so much fun!

* It has become my tradition to post some funny quotes of the week on RTT.  So, here is the quote of the week:

The Tyrant: Stop singing! You are making my ears bleed!

It’s Monday

Posted On June 22, 2009

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I am not a Monday person.  But, I usually try to be.  Today, I am not even going to try.  But, since I can’t leave you with nothing…

Bear has been kind enough to send me a ton of these comic strips lately.  They have been making me laugh.  So, go and check out some Cow and Boy to kill some time on this first Monday of the summer.  I am going to resume pretending that I am on a beach somewhere with the sun shining with no stupid people around for miles.

Enough Already!

Posted On June 18, 2009

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I am not normally one to get all girlie and scream while standing on a chair when a bug is sighted anywhere in my vicinity.  In fact, I am usually the one in the house rescuing people from spiders and other creepy crawlies.  I am not sure if the bugs have decided that they have it in for me or not, but things have gotten out of hand lately.

The other night, I was getting ready to go to bed, adjusting the pillows before I got in.  As I picked up a pillow, a large (its body was about the size of a quarter) black spider jumped out and started scurrying away.  I jumped and then had to search the rest of the bed for it so that it wouldn’t bite me in my sleep. 

Today, as I was chatting with a co-worker a cockroach jumpy out from behind a cabinet.  It was roughly 3 inches long and moved remarkable fast for a bug.  Cockroaches are common enough where I work that seeing one isn’t usually upsetting, but this one looked like it was stopping to evaluate the situation.  Maybe he was on a scouting mission for our alien bug overloads that will surely attack soon, if movies can be believed.  And I for one, plan to have a machine-gun and body armor handy.

Tactical Warfare

The Tyrant was in an interesting mood the other day.  And The Show was taking the brunt of the abuse.   The Show pulled me aside and said that her sister was being really mean.  We have told her repeatedly to just ignore her sister when she is being that way.  The truth is that The Tyrant is fishing for a reaction from her sisters.  The Show had enough that day and was about to explode at her.  So, instead of yelling, she came to me.  I told her to say “I love you too” whenever her sister was mean to her. 

Sometime Later –

The Tyrant: WickedStepMom, The Show is being mean to me!

Me: How is she being mean, honey?

The Show: All I said was “I love you too!”

Me: How is that mean?

The Tyrant: Well she is saying it too much!

The Mother Hen: I love you, The Show!

The Show: I love you, The Mother Hen!

The Tyrant: (Bursts into tears) Meanies!

Random Tuesday Thoughts: My husband is a Zombie!


Its another Tuesday, and another day of randomness.  Go check out Keely for more thoughts that have nothing to do with one another.

*Ever notice when you finally have a chance to sleep in, that is when the neighbor decide it is a fine day to mow the lawn nearest to your bedroom window?  Yeah.. I noticed it too.  Those jerks woke me up!

*The girls have been playing The Sims and Spore lately.  This leads them to randomly announce things like: “I am adopting a baby boy!”, “The little penguin guy just killed me!” and of course, “My husband is a zombie!”  I really hope that the FBI does not have us bugged.  They may arrest us and put us in isolation from the rest of the population or recruit us to help hunt down psychos.  Either way, I am not entirely sure I am comfortable with it.

*I am having no luck with fans lately.  My favorite, super quiet one broke and won’t turn on.  It randomly shut off and now won’t turn on.  The button stays down though, so I have no clue.  The other super quiet fan that I really liked is now making a Spore mating call whenever it oscillates.  Its only been warm enough to even use them for the past two weeks!  I think this is a conspiracy by the fan makers to get us to but new fans when it is only 70 degrees outside!

*The other night, The Tyrant decided that she didn’t want to eat chicken. So, she demanded a hot dog.  I made her microwave it herself.  She then came down with a tummy ache.  Miraculously, the tummy ache went away when I started baking cookies.  I wonder if we should just bottle the smell and sell it as a cure-all for ailments of those under the age of 12.  I bet there is a market for that.

*The Mother Hen and The Show have been seriously bonding lately.  I was really happy until I realized they may be teaming up against us.  It was all well and good when they fought because they were not working together to over-throw us.  They have already over-thrown The Tyrant’s reign as queen of the world. (They announced it in the car the other day, when they were debating if it was an impeachment or hostile take over.)  I think we should start preparing for riots.  Bear, you pack the tear-gas, I’ll get the tasers!

*If you are wondering why I haven’t been commenting on your blogs until at night.. its because I have been surf-nazi’ed at work.  I can read the blogs but when I try to comment I get “Access denied: Personal/Adult Blogs.”   So, I am going to have to change my blogging schedule.  I may go into withdraws…

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