Random Tuesday Thoughts: Them’s fighting words!

 It’s Tuesday again. Go see Keely before I kick your butt!!

*Yesterday, after coming home from the doctors, I am told about The Mother Hen’s day.  Apparently, some kid who bragged about spray painting some graffiti on the school building.  They drew a lovely artist rendering of some male parts and some female parts.  Our kid had a problem with this.  So she went and told the principal, along with 6 other kids.  The little virtuoso of spray paint is our for blood and wants to know who did it.  Thank goodness today is the last day of school.

* Bear and I spent a good portion of the morning talking about the stupid reasons that we got into fights over the years.  There is one thing I know for sure, we were pretty dumb and got into too many fights.  I do however have two favorite fight stories.

Mine: When I was in high school some friends and I would get together and play Dungeons & Dragons.  We were sitting around the lunch table talking about our plans for the night when one of our groups girlfriends came up and sat on his lap.  My other two friends at the table were no fan of hers so they kept right on talking as though she was not there.  After a few minutes, she says to her boyfriend, “Can I come?”  My best friend looks at her and says, “Umm.. no thanks we don’t need any excess baggage.”  She looks right at me and says, “What about her?  Why can your little whore come and I can’t?”  I stood up, fast and said “What did you just say to me?”  And she of course says, “Nothing.. tramp.”  So I shoved the table into her.  My best friend grabs my arms and steers me away from her and the table.  My other friend looks at our friend withthe girl on his lap and says, “Dude, you better hope he can talk her down, thank your little VD carrier out of here.”  She broke up with our friend shortly after that.

Bear’s: Some one from Bear’s past came up to him and a few friends  in a bar and threaten to kick his butt over things that occured between them in 7th grade.  Bear didn’t even know who the guy was, and said so.  When the guy informed him, he said “Dude, are you in therapy?  If you are this tramatized from stuff that happened in 7th grade maybe you should be.  I admit, I was a jerk, but if you want to fight, let’s fight.”  The guy backed off and apparentlly said that it was all he needed to hear from him.  They parted as friends.  However, after the guy left, Bear’s table of friends started talking smack about how they were going to kick the guys butt.  They have found some very interesting things in their beer glasses when the guy was standing there.  So Bear says, if you guys want to prove how tough you are, I will go pick a fight at that table over there (the largest meanest looking dudes in the bar).  He gets up  and walks over to the table.  He grins at them and says, “I will buy you guys a round if you pretend that you are pissed off at me and want to start a fight.  I don’t really want to fight but I want to teach my smack talking friends a lesson.”  He buys them a round and they pretend to start arguing.  They go back and fourth for a few minutes and Bear says while point at his table, “If you want some, come over to my table right over there.”  After he comes back to sit down, his friends pay the tab and announce that it is time to go.

* My favorite quote this week was from The Tyrant.  “WSM, she put a toilet in my house on purpose!” (They were playing the Sims but I walked into the room having no idea what was going on.)

* The Show has been getting injured a lot lately.  She just had a growth spurt and is just running into and tripping over everything.  Serves her right for being taller than me now! 😉

*I am feeling better today.  I had to run all over the place yesterday but after chest x-rays and steroids I am feeling better.  I may only be feeling better because I don’t want to go to the doctor again, but I am putting one in the win column and calling it a day.

*I won beer.  And not just any kind of beer.  Bear called it the Holy Grail of Beer.  It’s 14% alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?


8 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Them’s fighting words!”

  1. routledge

    Hey there. Stopping by from Keely’s. Great randomness.

  2. Maureen at IslandRoar

    I always thought girls who could fight were so cool. I was too much of a weenie.

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    I would have had your back, WSM!

  4. piecemeal people

    When you mentioned the fights you’d gotten into over the years, I thought you meant with each other! So I was reading the Dungeons and Dragons high school story waiting for your husband to make his appearance…I’m all caught up now.

  5. GreenJello

    Looking back on it now, I wish I would have beat the CRAP out of Tracy in the 7th grade. I could have easily taken her, and then all the idiot bullies would have left me alone after that. Instead, I just took it from her. Hrumph.

  6. Casey

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. That bar fight story was clever and hilarious, I would have loved to see those guys’ faces when they thought it was ON.

  7. Keely

    Oh, you D&D whores have tempers, don’t ya?? 😉

    Ah, high school.

    Glad you’re feeling better, even if it’s all in your head!

  8. Becca

    I’m jealous of the beer. How did you win it and where can I get some? The Austrians are second only to (some of) the Germans in their brewing ability.

    Anyway… as a new reader who is not caught up and is desperately trying to navigate stepmom-hood, I would be really interested in some posts about your background with the girls and how you got to where you are now. I have 2 step-girls (8 and 9) and two biological sons (2 and 6 months); we have custody. I’d love to hear your stories and advice. Thanks for blogging.

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