Random Tuesday Thoughts: My husband is a Zombie!


Its another Tuesday, and another day of randomness.  Go check out Keely for more thoughts that have nothing to do with one another.

*Ever notice when you finally have a chance to sleep in, that is when the neighbor decide it is a fine day to mow the lawn nearest to your bedroom window?  Yeah.. I noticed it too.  Those jerks woke me up!

*The girls have been playing The Sims and Spore lately.  This leads them to randomly announce things like: “I am adopting a baby boy!”, “The little penguin guy just killed me!” and of course, “My husband is a zombie!”  I really hope that the FBI does not have us bugged.  They may arrest us and put us in isolation from the rest of the population or recruit us to help hunt down psychos.  Either way, I am not entirely sure I am comfortable with it.

*I am having no luck with fans lately.  My favorite, super quiet one broke and won’t turn on.  It randomly shut off and now won’t turn on.  The button stays down though, so I have no clue.  The other super quiet fan that I really liked is now making a Spore mating call whenever it oscillates.  Its only been warm enough to even use them for the past two weeks!  I think this is a conspiracy by the fan makers to get us to but new fans when it is only 70 degrees outside!

*The other night, The Tyrant decided that she didn’t want to eat chicken. So, she demanded a hot dog.  I made her microwave it herself.  She then came down with a tummy ache.  Miraculously, the tummy ache went away when I started baking cookies.  I wonder if we should just bottle the smell and sell it as a cure-all for ailments of those under the age of 12.  I bet there is a market for that.

*The Mother Hen and The Show have been seriously bonding lately.  I was really happy until I realized they may be teaming up against us.  It was all well and good when they fought because they were not working together to over-throw us.  They have already over-thrown The Tyrant’s reign as queen of the world. (They announced it in the car the other day, when they were debating if it was an impeachment or hostile take over.)  I think we should start preparing for riots.  Bear, you pack the tear-gas, I’ll get the tasers!

*If you are wondering why I haven’t been commenting on your blogs until at night.. its because I have been surf-nazi’ed at work.  I can read the blogs but when I try to comment I get “Access denied: Personal/Adult Blogs.”   So, I am going to have to change my blogging schedule.  I may go into withdraws…

6 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: My husband is a Zombie!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    WSM, I had the same thing happen to me at work yesterday, but today, I am able to comment! I don’t know. I’m not asking!

  2. Shelly

    Yep, our neighbors mow the grass when I’m trying to sleep to. I mean really, don’t we moms have the right to sleep until noon on Saturday if we want to??


  3. Mama Badger

    Ok, the takeover stuff is good. You have to give it to them for creativity.

    You can get that cookie smell. In a candle. It’ll backfire on you though. You light it and suddenly you’re hungry and want to bake. The kids get their way. Bad all around.

    Good luck with the battle. Arm yourselves with cookies and ice cream and I’m sure you’ll come out unscathed (though slightly pudgier!)

  4. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    We have noisy neighbors that have the nerve to wake us up early on the rare occasion that we get to sleep in, too…it must be a neighbor conspiracy! 😉

    Isn’t it amazing how tummy aches suddenly disappear when there are yummy cookies to be had? Princess Nagger will claim not to be hungry, but suddenly is ravenous if there’s dessert. 🙂

    Good luck with the impending hostile takeover… 😉

    Happy RTT! 🙂

  5. Maureen at IslandRoar

    The Sims thing can be a bit much. My very intelligent, wants-to-be-a-doctor daughter always has her characters pregnant.
    The nerve of your work computer; hard enough to find blogging time…

  6. Casey

    We’re having the opposite luck with fans. We replaced the fans in the kid’s rooms and the new ones are too quiet. We bought them for background noise and they backfired. Ugh.

    Sorry you’re being blocked at work. How frustrating!

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