Tactical Warfare

The Tyrant was in an interesting mood the other day.  And The Show was taking the brunt of the abuse.   The Show pulled me aside and said that her sister was being really mean.  We have told her repeatedly to just ignore her sister when she is being that way.  The truth is that The Tyrant is fishing for a reaction from her sisters.  The Show had enough that day and was about to explode at her.  So, instead of yelling, she came to me.  I told her to say “I love you too” whenever her sister was mean to her. 

Sometime Later –

The Tyrant: WickedStepMom, The Show is being mean to me!

Me: How is she being mean, honey?

The Show: All I said was “I love you too!”

Me: How is that mean?

The Tyrant: Well she is saying it too much!

The Mother Hen: I love you, The Show!

The Show: I love you, The Mother Hen!

The Tyrant: (Bursts into tears) Meanies!

6 Responses to “Tactical Warfare”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Ha! I think I want a boy the next go round. Two girls? (Heaven forbid we have three. the house would explode.)

  2. Captain Dumbass

    My kids had an argument yesterday about who had the faster imaginary whale.

  3. Tricia

    That’s super cute.

  4. Sam

    I’m totally stealing this. Today Gage and Carter fought for 15 minutes about whether or not Carter’s bedroom smelled like waffles.
    Sadly, I’m not kidding.

  5. Casey

    Way to kill them with kindness. I think The Tyrant was outsmarted this round…

  6. Jenny

    I love it! I think I will have my girls do this to each other. They have been annoying each other like crazy lately. And fighting and yelling. Ugh.

    Now, if I can just get my son to stop beating up on his sister (the youngest of my heart-daughters). He does it just to see her reaction.

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