Random Tuesday Thoughts: Celebrities wants your brains…

Its Random Tuesday Thoughts time again.  The day is not random, its the thoughts that are..  Want to know more?  Go see Keely.  She may just show you her teeny Sim, she is most definitely that kind of girl. 😉

* Bear and I have been trying some new fiber bars.  He described the experience as eating a mattress drizzled in chocolate.  The Mother Hen called him a “huge baby.”  I offered him some brocolli and he said he would rather eat mattresses covered in chocolate.  So, I think he will be sticking to them for a while. 

* Bear tends to get salty when I quote him on my blog.  The above commentary is so worth the amount of salt he will display later today.

* I am pretty excited about moving.  One of the many reasons is because we will be a lot closer to Trade Joe’s.  Organic, Sulfate free, cheese ravioli here I come!  I may need to join HASAY just because we are moving.  It will be totally worth it though!

* Favorite quotes of the week:

Wicked Step Mom: Oh [The Show], you are my favorite!!

The Show: I am not taking out the garbage!

*So many celebraties have died lately, I am starting to worry about an epidemic.  We will soon be invaded by zombie celebrities who remake and redo everything that has been done before.  Wait a minute…  that is already happening.


11 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Celebrities wants your brains…”

  1. Mama Badger

    Great, just what I needed. Celebrity zombie nightmares…

    As for the matress bars, sounds familiar. PB gets so tired of trying something new if he complains, that he’d rather eat matress bars than give his opinion anymore. Poor PB and Bear.

  2. gigidiaz

    Oh great… I actually dreamt about a mall being taken over by zombies recently. Since I was running away from them I didn’t stop to look at their faces too closely to identify them, but they sure could have been celebrities. In fact, they must have been, and my dream was a premonition! Oh gosh…

    Happy Zombie RTT
    I played too

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    We seriously need a Trader Joe’s in my area. I’ve never been to one but I always hear about the great low prices and the awesome food. WTF, Florida? What do you have against Joe?

  4. blueviolet

    Oh please no! No celebrity zombie replacements.

  5. andy

    my boyfriend will eat pretty much anything healthy i make an attempt at.

    he may go out the back door and down to the local burger joint, but @ least he puts on a good show;)

    and i am also concerned over the celebrities dropping like flies. first ed mcmahon, then farrah fawcett and michael jackson.

    i think we should start taking bets on who’s next.

    is that tacky?


  6. Kat

    I have heard so many off colored celeb death jokes in the last few days it isn’t even funny…well it is…but not really 😉

  7. Eileen

    YUmmy!! CHEesy ravioli. I must go buy some.

    Bear just needs a little sex.

  8. Casey

    Seriously, what’s up with the celebrity deaths lately? Mattresses covered in chocolate? As long as there’s chocolate involved, I’m in.

  9. Kristen @All In A Mom's Life

    If we could all have a say on the next celeb to go…hmm. Who would I pick?

  10. Keely

    I’m not sure if celebrities came back as zombies that we’d even notice a difference.

  11. SMILF

    LMAO at the mattresses covered in chocolate. This so sounds like something my husband would say. He tells everyone all the time I make him eat “twigs and berries and sticks”. Um yeah right. It’s not a Big Mac or KFC. That doesn’t mean it’s something from the wilderness that is tasteless my friend.

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