Spin Cycle: Summer Plans?

Posted On June 12, 2009

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Before today, I would have told you about all kinds of wonderful plans that we have for the summer.  I would tell you about how we are going to be visiting Bear’s parents and hoping to move.

But, today, I will have to tell you about how my plan is to survive the next month.  I should really call it a hope because right now, I am not sure that I am going to make it.  The grass pollen has been outrageously high, people are getting on my last nerve and finding a place to live is stressful.  Now, I know logically, that I will survive but how good I look while doing it is up in the air.  But, at least I will be eating pizza rolls while I do it.

Stop by Sprite’s Keeper for more Spins that hopefully involve more than pizza flavored snacks.

What you taught me

To my girls,

From time to time, you guys teach me things that are so profound that I am astonished that I know anything at all.  Here is my current list of things that you have taught me, while I have been trying to help raise you.

1. It’s okay to be angry.  Stomping your feet is perfectly acceptable.

2. Treats always taste better when “stolen” from someone else.

3. Why walk, when you can skip.

4. Singing in the car should be done as loud as possible with as many people as possible.

5. Sometimes even if we do everything right, the bad things that we were trying to prevent happen anyway, and it is not our fault.

6. Its okay to look at the world differently from everyone else. Its does not make you wrong, it makes you unique. 

7. Finding your own path does not mean that the destination is different.  We just all have to get there in our own way.

8. Tigers named Pinstripes hate older sisters and threaten to eat them every chance they get.

9. There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who can butt-wiggle in a crowded mall and those who can not.

10. Sprinkles are the best invention ever and should be exploited whenever possible.

Thank you for teaching me so much!

All my love,


Textually Deprived

The Mother Hen: You never text me, Dad always does but you never do!!

WickedStepMom: I text you!  I just didn’t want to bother you in school!

The Mother Hen: (pouting) Sure!  That is what you say now!

** Later **

WickedStepMom: Bear, that little buttdart says that I never text her!  I am going to text her everything, even in we are in the same room!

Bear: Yeah…  That will teach her… (rolling eyes)

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Them’s fighting words!

 It’s Tuesday again. Go see Keely before I kick your butt!!

*Yesterday, after coming home from the doctors, I am told about The Mother Hen’s day.  Apparently, some kid who bragged about spray painting some graffiti on the school building.  They drew a lovely artist rendering of some male parts and some female parts.  Our kid had a problem with this.  So she went and told the principal, along with 6 other kids.  The little virtuoso of spray paint is our for blood and wants to know who did it.  Thank goodness today is the last day of school.

* Bear and I spent a good portion of the morning talking about the stupid reasons that we got into fights over the years.  There is one thing I know for sure, we were pretty dumb and got into too many fights.  I do however have two favorite fight stories.

Mine: When I was in high school some friends and I would get together and play Dungeons & Dragons.  We were sitting around the lunch table talking about our plans for the night when one of our groups girlfriends came up and sat on his lap.  My other two friends at the table were no fan of hers so they kept right on talking as though she was not there.  After a few minutes, she says to her boyfriend, “Can I come?”  My best friend looks at her and says, “Umm.. no thanks we don’t need any excess baggage.”  She looks right at me and says, “What about her?  Why can your little whore come and I can’t?”  I stood up, fast and said “What did you just say to me?”  And she of course says, “Nothing.. tramp.”  So I shoved the table into her.  My best friend grabs my arms and steers me away from her and the table.  My other friend looks at our friend withthe girl on his lap and says, “Dude, you better hope he can talk her down, thank your little VD carrier out of here.”  She broke up with our friend shortly after that.

Bear’s: Some one from Bear’s past came up to him and a few friends  in a bar and threaten to kick his butt over things that occured between them in 7th grade.  Bear didn’t even know who the guy was, and said so.  When the guy informed him, he said “Dude, are you in therapy?  If you are this tramatized from stuff that happened in 7th grade maybe you should be.  I admit, I was a jerk, but if you want to fight, let’s fight.”  The guy backed off and apparentlly said that it was all he needed to hear from him.  They parted as friends.  However, after the guy left, Bear’s table of friends started talking smack about how they were going to kick the guys butt.  They have found some very interesting things in their beer glasses when the guy was standing there.  So Bear says, if you guys want to prove how tough you are, I will go pick a fight at that table over there (the largest meanest looking dudes in the bar).  He gets up  and walks over to the table.  He grins at them and says, “I will buy you guys a round if you pretend that you are pissed off at me and want to start a fight.  I don’t really want to fight but I want to teach my smack talking friends a lesson.”  He buys them a round and they pretend to start arguing.  They go back and fourth for a few minutes and Bear says while point at his table, “If you want some, come over to my table right over there.”  After he comes back to sit down, his friends pay the tab and announce that it is time to go.

* My favorite quote this week was from The Tyrant.  “WSM, she put a toilet in my house on purpose!” (They were playing the Sims but I walked into the room having no idea what was going on.)

* The Show has been getting injured a lot lately.  She just had a growth spurt and is just running into and tripping over everything.  Serves her right for being taller than me now! 😉

*I am feeling better today.  I had to run all over the place yesterday but after chest x-rays and steroids I am feeling better.  I may only be feeling better because I don’t want to go to the doctor again, but I am putting one in the win column and calling it a day.

*I won beer.  And not just any kind of beer.  Bear called it the Holy Grail of Beer.  It’s 14% alcohol, what could possibly go wrong?


Posted On June 8, 2009

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I have been invaded by this stuff:

Feeling kind of cruddy.  I will write more tomorrow.  I hope you all have a good Monday!


UPDATE:  The photo is grass pollen.

Spin Cycle: Saying I love you

1. Late night pacing on the floor while I wait to hear word about how you are.

2. Trying to make you laugh when all you want to do is cry.

3. Special trips to the store for your favorite treat.

4. Your favorite meal for your birthday, or when you have just had a bad day.

5. Dropping everything to come get you when you are in trouble.

6. Bribing you with popcicles on a stick.

7. Playing your favorite song on the radio so that you will sing at the top of your lungs.

8. Dancing until our feet hurt and we can no longer move.

Yeah.. I love you guys.

Wear a Helmet

Posted On June 4, 2009

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I have been thinking about the past a lot lately.  Maybe it is just that time of year or maybe it is some events that are going on.  Its probably a little a both.  I think it is important sometimes to take a look back on things as they were.  I also think it is important to remember that we should not dwell on the past.  Remember it and learn from it but don’t live in it.

Looking back on the past three years, I realize a lot of things.  First, that this step-mom gig has never been easy.  Second, I have really come a long way.  The first seems obvious, unless you see the girls and I together.  When people see us, they think that I must have some magic bullet or that it has always been easy for me.  It really hasn’t been.  You should have seen me in the beginning.  I made a lot of mistakes.

The second is not so obvious.  Over the past few years, I got out of a bad relationship, worked to fix the relationship that I had broken between my parents and myself, and got myself back.  If anybody out there is in the spot that I was in, I have some advice for you. First, wear a helmet, and consider body armor.  Second, keep moving and keep believing in yourself.  Never give up.  You can make it, I did.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: But He is on Oxygen!!

Random Tuesday Thoughts..  blah, blah, blah..  grab a badge and go see Keely or she will send her Ninja Office Manager after you.

I should really rename this to Random Ranty Thoughts, because that is what I seem to do on Tuesdays. So, please…  Welcome to Random Ranty Tuesday Thoughts!  I hope you enjoy, stay for the ice cream….

*My apartment complex has really gone down hill lately.  In one apartment in the same building with the management office, there is a little boy who is on oxygen. There is a big sign on their door stating “Oxygen in use, do not smoke or sure open flame!”  The man that lives there always walks into the apartment with a lit cigarette.  I want to scream at him, “HEY DUMMY!! YOU KID IS ON OXYGEN!!”  But, I really don’t think it would make a difference.  So, instead, whenever I see him do it, I point to the sign on his door and glare.

*GM filed for bankruptcy and people are upset with the President over this.  But as Bear put it. “Its like disciplining a willful child.  You tell them what they need to do and when then need to have it done by.  If they don’t do it, you follow through with the punishment.”  I really don’t know how they didn’t see this coming.  I think it is willful blindness.  That is something that can not be fixed.

*In the strange things my girls say category this week, we have cannibalism.

The Mother Hen: “WSM, The Show is trying to eat me because she is jealous of my house.”

The Show: “I am not jealous!!!!!”

Please note she didn’t say anything about not trying to prepare her sister for dinner.  I always thought that when Bear say, “Its like raising a bunch of cannibals” that he was kidding. Now, I am not so sure.

*Akismet was eating my comments.  I thought people didn’t care enough to leave me comments but really it was Akismet devouring them.  So, if you didn’t see your comment show up, please forgive me. I still like you.  Akismet on the other hand hates you.  I think I got the problem solved now, but I will be checking my spam filter a bit more often.

*The Tyrant has decided that she is willing to eat tacos.  She won’t eat noodles or potatoes but tacos make her happy.  I am very close to making her tacos for every meal, with sugar free Popsicles for dessert.  Anyone know a good nutritionist that will endorse this?…. Anyone?…  Well, I didn’t think so… Back to the drawing board.

*While you are here, take a moment to check out the Beautiful Like Me Project. We posted yesterday, but there is still time to get your post in! Or just grab a badge and spread the word!

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