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I have never been a social butterfly.  As a kid, you were more likely to find me with my nose in a book then in a group of kids.  I have always been quiet and shy.  I prefer it that way.  I have as many friends as you can count on one hand.  But, they are friends that I can count on.

My brother on the other hand has always been a social butterfly.  He had so many friends that I couldn’t remember all of their names.  People would wave to me and I didn’t have any idea who they were, but they were a friend of my brother’s.  I just got use to waving to strangers because trying to learn all of their names and who they are would have taken me a life-time.

Over the years, I have lost touch we a few friends and gained some new ones.  Some times I lost touch with people on purpose.  But for the last nine years, my best friend has remained the same.  I hope that it never changes.  He tells me the truth, even when I don’t want to hear it.  He has my back when I need him.  But he lets me fight on my own.  I have been a little disconnected from him lately. I hope that we can get back to the way we are soon.

Shaken, Not Stirred

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Tribe.  I have been thinking about how far we have all come and where we have been.  We are what people like to call a “blended family.”  And I am considered a “childless stepmom.”  I don’t like these terms at all.  (Be warned, I am feeling soap boxy today.)

First, the idea of a “blended family” to me implies that you just kind of throw everyone together and stir things until they are combined.  It does not mention any of the work involved or the love that we feel.  It just says that we are thrown together.  For us, (I hope, for us and not just me…) being The Tribe is about all of us working together.  It is about being a family and learning how we each work and look at the world.  Its about spending time together and growing together.  It is not only about my relationship with Bear.

Second, I don’t think someone can be a “childless stepmom.”  Stepmom means that there are children involved.  Whether or not they call you mom is irrelevant.  You are an adult in their lives and you should be a stepmom to them.  If you can’t be, then you shouldn’t have married a man with kids.  If others are making it hard for you, it is something that you have to deal with.  If their father doesn’t want you involved with them, you shouldn’t have married him because he wasn’t ready.

I know that there are a lot of people out there that see this differently.  But, I think it is important for my girls to know where I stand in all of this. After all, is our family that is involved.  And I feel like we are shaken, and not blended.  The Tribe has always and will always do things our own way.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Invasion of the Gnome Ninjas



Gather ’round boys and girls, its time again for Random Tuesday Thoughts.  Grab a button, and put on some protective padding.  Then go see Keely for more randomness and ninjas.  Trust me, there are there in her post.  They are just using their ninja stealth to hide from the untrained eye…

*Moving has been extremely chaotic.  But, I actually feel like we are finally settling even put some shelves up for me so I could display my various knick-knacks.  He thrives in order, I thrive in chaos…  Its like oil and water.  Only, way more interesting.

* It hs been my habit to post the funny random quote of the week on Tuesdays.  I would hate to disappoint you, so here it is:

“Cheese is so going to kick Jambalaya’s butt!!”

*Lately, the coffee maker timer has been randomly resetting itself to a different time.  Since the coffee maker has never done this before, I have been hunting everywhere to figure out why.  I checked the outlets to make sure that we hadn’t tripped a fuse there.  I checked the breakers to make sure everything was installed correctly.  Everything appears to be fine, but despite this, the coffee maker keeps resetting it’s time.  I chalked it up to Gnome Ninjas sneaking into the kitchen to sabotage my caffeine intake.  This is probably the first clue that I need to lay off the caffeine…  (P.S. Solved the mystery this morning.  The Mother Hen has been unplugging the coffee maker to use the toaster…  The Gnomes made a much better story…)

 *Last summer when we were visiting Bear’s parents, Papa (Bear’s Dad) and The Tyrant went hunting for blueberries.  They were unsuccessful, so Papa got a store bought bag out of the freezer.  He put them in the microwave to defrost them.  Now, The Tyrant won’t eat blueberries unless they are warmed up.  Thanks Papa!!  Guess who has to warm up the blueberries?

*I am a healthy eater by necessity.  The rest of the house is starting to eat healthier now that I am around all the time.  I feel like I am slowing taking over, one meal at a time…

The Kitchen Table: A.K.A Not a dumping ground!

Posted On July 27, 2009

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All weekend long, people were leaving me presents on the kitchen table.  Dirty clothes, shoes, socks, toys, books and just about anything that you can think of non-food related.  Several times a day, I was asking people to remove their belongs from the table.

Before we left for the fruit market, I commited the same crime.  I left my laptop on the table.  When we got back, we were soaking wet, because I accidently left the sun roof open while we were inside and it decided to rain.  All the wet items ended up on the table.  Including a wet stuffed tiger that landed right on my laptop.  I shouted at the top of my lungs, “This is not a dumping ground!!” and start placing all the belongings on the floor. 

I seriously lost my temper and was pretty ticked off for the rest of the day because I was told I was being mean.  Parenting is not a popularity contest but I felt like I was being taken advantage of because I had been nice about it the whole weekend until the soggy pet landed on my computer.  I am not sure how to fix this one but I am feeling a lot better about it today.  I am just going to have to make sure that I don’t leave my laptop their anymore.

Spending time at the Ranch

Spin Cycle: Vacation

Last year, for the very first time we went to Oswald’s Bear Ranch.  It was not too expensive and we spent several hours there, hanging out with the bears. 

Bear's bear butt

Bear's bear butt


Bear in a Tree

Bear in a Tree

Bears have kind of always been special to me.  And they are special to the girls now too because of what I call their father.  They even call him Daddy Bear.  We have several Bear decorations and pictures.  I think though, the best part about the Ranch is that it is the place we took the very first photo of all five of us.  We paid a few dollars to have our picture taken with a bear cub and it is probably our best treasure.  I can’t wait for us to go back and get out picture taken again this year.  I think the girls enjoyed themselves too.

The Show and The Tyrant, taking a peek in the pens

The Show and The Tyrant, taking a peek in the pens

Poor Guy

Posted On July 23, 2009

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Lately, many conversations have gone something close to this…

The Mother Hen & WickedStepMom: (laughing hysterically)

Bear: What’s so funny?

The Mother Hen: Well… ::giggle::

WickedStepMom: We just… ::giggle:: and then…  ::giggle::

The Mother Hen: (Laughs harder)

Bear: (rolls eyes) Nevermind…

The WickedStepMom Mover’s Guide

Posted On July 22, 2009

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A guide for what not to do while moving…

1. Sit in the middle seat of the U-haul. – Bear’s kidney’s may never recover from the bouncing on the freeway with an empty truck  on return trips.

2. Put all of you books in one big box. – One of the girls did this and tried to lift the box.  She ended up repacking the whole thing because even Bear could not lift it up off the floor.

3. Leave the bed frame screws at the old place. – The Mother Hen ended up sleeping on her mattress on the floor the first night.  The screws were sitting on the floor in her old room.

4. Forget to grab the milk off the counter at the old place and leave it there overnight.  – It smelled pleasant in the morning.

5. Misplace Pinstripes, the guardian tiger. – It happened twice.  He was in the U-Haul and then the back seat.  There was a good 20 minutes of panic each time.

6. Place candle holders in the basement of the new place, with candles in them to get rid of the smell…  while still unpacking. – This resulted in several broken candle holders, one cut hand, one cut knee and two cut feet.

7. Forget the coffee maker. – Umm…. yeah, that just sucked.

8. Completely forget about your blog. – (Sorry guys!!)  There just was not nearly enough time to do it all.

9. Believe the guys at the hardware store when they tell you that an 8 foot flex hose for the dryer should be more than long enough. – It barely extended far enough.  We are thinking about getting a new one in a few weeks that is longer.  The hardware store guys were convinced that we would have hose laying all over the place…

10. Believe the cable company when they tell you that they will have someone at the house between 2-5pm.  – The tech showed up at 7:30pm with the kids ready to tear each other apart over the X-Box.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Which way is home?

It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts, and I have quite a few to share. But I don’t want to spend them all at once.  If you need more randomness, you are just being picky.  Go see Keely, she will straighten you out.  Offer her some Smarties.  The Canadian kind.. not the American kind…  She will like you better.

* As I mentioned before, we moved.  So, you might already know that.  But what you probably don’t know is that this is the very first time that we have all lived together.  All 5 of us, under one roof, for at least part of every week.  I am sure there will be some interesting stories to tell.  I will keep you posted.

* The other night, The Tyrant and I got into a fight over the fact that she was refusing to get dressed.  After about 5 rounds in the ring, she conceded and put on some clothes.  I asked Bear for “a shot of Jack and whatever is on tap.”  He gave me pepper jack cheese and a diet coke…

*I had a lot of help moving.  (Thanks everyone!!)  But my favorite part of the whole ordeal had to be late in the day of the Big Move.  My cousin is driving an SUV, I have my Vue, and Bear is in the U-haul.  I gave my cousin my Garmin to use while we were moving so she would not get lost.  The Show was riding with her on one of the last trips to the new place…  My cell phone rings as I am making the last turn.  Its my cousin’s number so I answer it.

Wicked Step Mom: Hello?

The Show: We turn right on [street name], right?!?! The Garmin just died!!  We are right by [street name] so answer quick!!!

Wicked Step Mom: (while laughing) Yes, turn right….

* The Laundry Fairy visited us on Sunday.  He changed the wash and didn’t tell anyone, so I almost changed it again.  Darn that guy!  (P.S. – It’s my laundry fairy and I am not sharing!)

* Bear’s birthday was Saturday.  We made cupcakes that had little Teddy Graham’s at the Beach.  The Show and The Tyrant came up with this one all by themselves….

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack 2

In case you are wondering, yes that is a graham cracker shark attacking a Teddy Graham.  (I swear, I only told them where the red food coloring was… )

* While moving, my uncle took note of how many books I have and called us a bunch of nerds.  We finally got all the book cases set up (about 5) and we still have books in boxes.  He just shook his head at us.  I was so happy that I could freak him out!

* The Mother Hen has been helping a ton with the move.  As her reward, she wants to have a book case in her room for herself, because she still have 5 boxes of books with no where to put them.  I think we may have to open a library, or a used booked store…


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First, I want to say that I completely intending to post while we were moving and packing.  I was just so exhausted and lazy that I never got around to it.  We are all moved to the new place (mostly anyway).  We still have a lot of unpacking to do but things are starting to settle in.

I will post some stories and funny quotes later this week.  For now, I am going to try to get caught up with commenting and e-mails.

The Invasion is back: This time its personal!

Posted On July 10, 2009

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As I was getting into the shower this morning, I noticed a few ants with wings on the floor in front of the tub.  So, I killed them and turned on the water. I left the room and came back, and a few more ants (With and without wings) were crawling on the floor.  So, I killed them too.  But as I looked around the bathroom, I found the source of the little jerks.  They were coming in from behind the commode.  There was a small swarm of them hanging out.  And there wasn’t even a Cheeto in sight!

As I am spraying bug poison like a mad woman, I run into this guy!

Now, I have been very kind to the spiders in my house, because I thought the spiders would eat the other insects…  But apparently 20 or so spiders is not enough to deal with the ants or the centipede.  (Spiders: I have been nice to you… seriously.  I mean that time I squished one of your brethrenwas totally and accident.  He jumped out in front of me! I swear!!)  So, now I must go home and clean up ant carcases after work today.  The worst part is, that we are only going to be living there a few more days.  The rude little insectoid bastards couldn’t wait 5 days for us to leave, could they?  And I was going to leave them some Cheetos…

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