I am laying in bed, watching TV and minding my own business.  Everything is calm and fine until I hear what sounds like a herd of wild animals running down the hall way.  “No running in the house!” I shout.  I hear doors slam and someone whimpering.  I know something has gone wrong, so I get up to investigate.

“What is going on?” I ask.  The Tyrant looks up at me with tears in her eyes, “There are ants in the living room!”  I raise my eyebrows and stare at her for a moment.  This is about ants?, I think as I head out to take a look around.  When I get to the living room, there is a line of marching ants heading from the door, under the couch and to an end-table. 

I arm myself with the vacuum and bug spray.  I start moving furniture and vacuuming and spraying everywhere. When I moved the end-table, I discover the reason for the insect visitors.  There is a Cheeto completely covered in ants.  I point this out to The Show and The Tyrant. The first words out of The Tyrant’s mouth are, “Oh… because one time [The Show] left her Cheetos on the table.”

I pause and take a deep breath.  I look at her and in my firmest, non-raised voice I declare, “Don’t you dare blame your sister for this.  I know you are just as messy as she is.  I am working very hard not to yell at you both right now, so please don’t push it.”  At this very moment, with the living room all in disarray, Bear comes home from his shopping trip.  I can only imagine what he was thinking. 

After we worked together to get everything back in order, I was still pretty angry that The Tyrant immediately blamed The Show.  Am I wrong for being upset?  They are both pretty messy and have to be reminded repeatedly to pick up after themselves.  I just don’t feel it was right for her to point fingers.  Maybe she was just trying to stay out of trouble?


5 Responses to “Invasion!!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Speaking as a sister, yes, you were right to be upset. Especially since it can’t be proven. This can be a lesson to all three girls that pointing fingers when there are no witnesses can lead to all of them being convicted of the crime. That’s what my parents did.
    Sprite blames Blue, but she’s not old enough to understand that Blue’s lack of opposable digits makes it hard for her to open closed doors and go into off limits rooms. Blue will still sit with her in time out though.

  2. Mama Badger

    My SIL is dealing with a similar situation with her 3 girls. Her new rule is no tattling or finger pointing unless is will stop someone from being injured. As in, “Mom, The Show is hanging from the light fixture!”

    The penalty for blaming or tattling in a non-emergent situation is that you will take the punishment for the crime, instead of the potential perpetrator.

    It’s been interesting. The kids are starting to deal with eachother better. At first, there was much physical voilence (since the hitter knew there would not be a consequence unless Mom actually saw), but now they know that unless you want to get hit back, or your toy broken, you’ll have a little more respect.

  3. Maureen at IslandRoar

    Yeah, kids do this all the time, but you were right to call her on it. Never to early to learn pointing fingers only makes things worse. I personally, had a no tattling rule; unless someone was hurt or in danger.

  4. andy

    i deal with the whole tattling and blaming scenario all the time with 5 kids.

    sometimes it is even more of an issue because we’re a blended family so we as parents are always trying to not seem like we favour one kid over another.

    there is no way to eliminate the rivalry. i think we just need to constantly try and instill values, morals, right and wrong, etc. into our kids the best we can. they might still blame others, but it will be our response to that which will make a greater impact.


  5. Jenny

    My girls do the same thing. Bree likes to blame Angela for the messes (especially since Angela tends to be the messier one). The Tyrant probably didn’t want to get in trouble.
    I think you handled it wonderfully. If they know you won’t let the blame game happen, the finger pointing won’t happen as much. I think.

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