A series of guests: Part 2

Posted On August 11, 2009

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I started reading Captain Dumbass on a day that he did a guest post for someone else. I click on his site and this is what I got. (Be warned! There are ninjas!) I always kind of felt that he left the ninjas for me, since it was really my first time going there.


Guest posts, they’re stressful. Somebody asks you to do a post for them, entrusts their blog to you, you don’t want to screw it up. And with that, all your ideas and thoughts dry up. Well, at least mine do. If I can’t think of anything to write for my page or I’m just being lazy then I don’t have to do anything. Or I’ll take a picture of a grilled cheese sandwich that I’ve used a cookie cutter on and reenact a movie scene. Whatever, it’s my blog. Somebody else’s blog though? Thank goodness for Random Tuesday.


My kids are using L’Oreal for kids shampoo. The ‘Burst of Berry’ smells so good I kinda want to eat it.

We were driving out by the airport last week and hit a massive dragonfly. It was so big I felt the impact through the steering wheel. I am not embellishing this.

Dear Hollywood, the spontaneous sing along was great in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but that was 1997. It’s time to move on.

I’ve had two lady bloggers recommend True Blood because of the hot chicks and it’s supposedly good. Ms. Salti from Salti Peaks and more directly, Kat from 3 Bedroom who told me, “I should watch True Blood because it has good acting and boobs.” I love you both.

I’m wearing my son’s chefs hat right now. I don’t remember when I put it on.

Note to self: after you’ve shaved your head and you’re going out in the sun and you remember to put on a hat like you’re supposed to, take a second and put a little sun block on your head where that little hole on the back of a baseball cap is. You know, the one that burns Every. Single. Time.

And with that I bid you a fond adieu. Go check out my fellow Canadian Keely’s site for more of this, and if you’re a Wicked Step Mom regular, don’t worry, I’m only here today.


19 Responses to “A series of guests: Part 2”

  1. The Dental Maven

    Captain. Dude. You live in Canada – that wasn’t a dragonfly, it was an elk.

  2. Casey

    Glad I’m not the only dork with a weird hat. I wore my kid’s birthday cake hat to the mailbox last week without realizing it.

  3. A Mom on Spin

    So now are you wanting to grow your own hair back so that you can use your kids’ shampoo?

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    John wears Sprite’s tiaras sometimes long after she has grown bored of the game and left him for another form of play. I have to remind him they’re there. 🙂

  5. Joanie M

    I got John to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith because they blew things up and there was lots of shooting. Angleina Jolie in bra and panties works too. I also got him to see The Proposal with the promise of Sandra Bullock naked.

  6. Kat

    You’re welcome 😉

  7. Cameron

    We just finished True Blood Season 1 on DVD…pretty good, and yes, lots of boobs. 2 thumbs up (or nipples out, as the case may be)

  8. Pseudo

    We netflixed True Blood this summer and watched the whole season in two sittings. And please don’t eat your sons’ heads even if they smell like berries.

  9. blueviolet

    I keep hearing about that True Blood series. I need to check it out!

  10. Mama Badger

    Man, you get around, don’t you?

    I have a thing against vampires. No True Blood for me.

  11. kirsty815

    I love your grilled cheese sandwich movies, especially the ones where ketchup and toothpicks are utilized.

    I LOVE True Blood! I have to say it took watching it a few times to catch the fever, but now all the sex, boobs and vampires are Awesomesauce!!!

    We use the L’Oreal Kids shampoo too! We like the Orange Mango, but will have to try the burst of berry sounds scrumptious. Whatever you do don’t get the Ice Age One, my daughter begged for it (with daddy cheering her on) and I think it smells like ass!

  12. Captain Dumbass

    Orange mango?!?! Must buy. Haven’t done a grilled cheese pic in awhile. I’ll have to change that.

    Is it a holiday or something?

  13. Toni

    I love coming out of the shower and smelling good – I use cocunut butter and come out smelling eatable.

    And it’s funny you should mention sun cream on your head. Only at the weekend I was looking at balding men and seeing how pink they were lol.

  14. Ms. Salti

    Aww, Captain, I love you, too! I’m glad you’re watching True Blood, although, there haven’t been as many boobs lately!

  15. Employee No. 3699

    I feel left out as I haven’t seen any grilled cheese movies. Thanks. In addition to catching up on the 72 unread posts still in my Reader, now I have to search through your archives.

    Oh, and two guest posts in two days? Slut.

  16. (notSO)SuperMommy

    definitely alot of boob. but i totally missed the good acting part…lol.

  17. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Awesome guest post, Captain! I love the L’Oreal kids shampoo – I’m going to have to get the orange mango one Kirsty mentioned and see if Princess Nagger likes it as much as I’d like the smell. 🙂

    What, no picture of you sporting your son’s chef’s hat??

    Happy RTT!

  18. kaylen

    Shampoo shouldn’t smell so great that you want to eat it!

    I didn’t realize that bald men get burned back there! I guess that makes sense…but I’ve never seen anyone sunburned there! And now I will always look…

  19. SurprisedMom

    I have a farmer’s tan on both arms because I keep forgetting the sunblock and burn like crazy. Every. Single. Time.

    I would have loved to seen you in your son’s chef hat. What a picture that would make!

    You’re guesting all over the place. I’ll have to get you to guest over at SurprisedMom one of these days. You’re a lot funnier than I am and I appreciate humor!

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