A series of guests: Part 4

Posted On August 13, 2009

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I started reading Casey from Half As Good As You when she participated in The Spin Cycle.  (I have been a very bad Spin Cycle participant lately, please don’t tell Jen!!) I loved finding out that she is a fellow IT Nerd and that she took a step away from the working world to spend time with her children.  I hope that one day they see how amazing she is and appreciate her for all that she has done.


I’ve admired WSM for as long as I’ve known her. I grew up in a family with a “step-parent” and I’ve seen firsthand how amazing it is when someone unconditionally loves children who aren’t biologically theirs.

My dad helped my mom get out of an abusive relationship with my “sperm donor” and raised my brothers and me. Sperm donor was a raging alcoholic who drifted in and out of my life. Each visit brought more disappointment and heartbreak but my mom encouraged us to maintain a relationship with him nonetheless. When I was eighteen, he sobered up and tried to step back into my life. I told him that I had a dad and it wasn’t him. Being a parent is a privilege and he lost out on his so I made the choice to cut all contact.

My story could have turned out so much differently. I didn’t spend my childhood longing for a father, I had one who spoiled me rotten. We moved to FL when I was three and my dad worked his ass off to provide for us. He raised three kids that weren’t technically his responsibility and as far as I’m concerned, he’s the only dad I have. He worked a second job so that my brothers and I could race BMX. He walked me down the aisle and was among the first people to show up to the hospital to meet his grandkids. He is head over heels in love with both of them and vice versa.

My two and a half year old recently made the declaration that “Ampa” is his best friend. My dad beams when he’s around my kids it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. For Father’s Day, we made him a cheesy shirt with the kid’s pictures on it and he wears it with pride.

So WSM, thanks for being you. I’m pretty sure you’re not so wicked after all and those kids of yours are lucky to have you on their side. Take it from someone who knows, they need you.

22 Responses to “A series of guests: Part 4”

  1. Casey

    Aww, thanks for the sappy intro! I hope you guys are enjoying your vacation and that you’re NOT reading this on your trip.

  2. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    Awwww, Casey! That was an AWESOME post! Tears and goosebumps…the good kind! 🙂 Your dad sounds like a wonderful person – and he did a great job raising you. 🙂

  3. Cat

    I’ve lived with both sides of the coin, and Casey’s right: those kids need you! Nice tribute, Casey.

  4. Sprite's Keeper

    WSM: Don’t tell Jen what? 😉
    Casey: Your dad is awesome. When a two year old can declare a grown up to be his best friend, that is true love.
    Great post!

  5. Ginny Marie

    Thank goodness your dad stepped up to the plate! I’m glad your story (and your mom’s story) turned out so well.

  6. K

    I am lucky to have two step-parents who aren’t even a little evil. When parents split up things can get rough and I’ve always counted myself lucky.

  7. Julie@Momspective

    This post makes me love you even more 🙂

  8. Captain Dumbass

    You’re lucky to have a dad like that. Good post, Casey.

  9. ck

    That was such a beautiful post.

  10. kyooty

    What a great Dad you have. My brother is my nephew’s “dad” and it’s never been any different to us.

  11. jenni

    casey, you went and made me cry. you’re not supposed to do that.

  12. Leslie

    Your dad sounds super! I was a stepmom myself once and only briefly (not the kids’ fault – their asshole dad’s fault) so I know how hard it can be to help raise children that are not biologically yours. It takes a very special person to be able to do that and it sounds like your dad is indeed one of those rare beautiful people.

  13. ArtSnark

    wonderful post

  14. Michele

    Living proof that biology does not make a parent. Great post. I’m sure your dad knows how much you love him.

  15. Becky

    I love it! Isn’t it sweet, the love between grandchildren and grandparents? And I bet you love your dad even more now that you have your own children.

  16. Cheeky Monkey

    Aww lovely post Casey! Sorry about your sperm donor, but glad you ended up with the dad you deserved!

  17. Follow Me. : Half As Good As You - Leaving the working world to raise kids

    […] know, I just made you follow me on Tuesday but I’m over here today. C’mon over and see. Just this […]

  18. Lin

    Aw, gees, that is just so sweet! How nice that he came into your lives and loved you like his own. Nice story today. 🙂

  19. Karen @ If I Could Escape . . .

    That is an awesome post! I’m gonna go find a corner and cry now!

  20. Mrs. C.

    Oh, it was worth the trip. What a man your dad must be, and I feel lucky to have “met” him here..

  21. jessica

    what a wonderful story. I love how much he treated like his own. I will only let a man into my life that loves my daughter as though she were his own. YOur dad is an amazing guy

  22. Mom-I-am

    Such an amazing post.

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