Plastic bags or Silicone Doom

Posted On August 24, 2009

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Mexico City recently banned plastic bags.  Los Angeles is discussing a ban on them if the state of California does not set a ban.  Seattle has rejected a 20 cent fee for every paper or plastic bag handed out at stores.  Plastic bags have really come under fire lately.

Personally I try to use re-usable bags, but most of the time, I end up forgetting them at home or in my car.  If they banned plastic bags or if they started charging a fee for their use in my state, I would have to get use to either paying or remembering my bags.  Honestly, I think more often then not, I would end up paying a fee or figuring out how to cart my groceries into the house without bags.  I think it is because I am just so use to seeing them in stores that it is hard for me to make the change. 
If using the re-usable bags will make that much difference, I am all for it.  I just think that there are bigger concerns to the world as a whole other than bags.   Wars, nuclear weapons, terrorism…. just a to name a few.  If using these bags make a small change, great.  But, I have a feeling that it is just going to be a fad until environmentalist  find a new target.

What do you think?  Are plastic bags as evil as they are made out to be?  Do you think the change will stick?


3 Responses to “Plastic bags or Silicone Doom”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    The best swag I got out of BlogHer was the reusable totes. I collected a good twelve and just shoved them all into my van. Now, I have a month’s worth of grocery bags and usually remember to throw them back into the van before I run out.
    But plastic is plastic. They’re not biodegradable and more of a headache than a lifesaver to me at least.

  2. Casey

    I have a bunch of reusable bags but I forget them about 1/3 of the time. I don’t hold a grudge when people use them. The law is nuts.

  3. Kathi

    I am a tree hugger-literally!! when i am out of my element [which is in Every City with more than 200 people-hehe] I find a familiar tree [usually some kind of conifer] when i get a bit uneasy and sit under it-sometimes even hug it.. [people on the east coast think that is just crazy!] so the plastic ban bag is a Great Idea-for us-for the critters in the wild and for the future generations-OUR kids.. We’ve made such a mess of things for our spawn, I think it’s only fair that we TRY to show em we ARE trying to clean up this mess and just maybe if we set the example, they will be better stewards of this beautiful blue marble than we have been.. [one can only Hope]
    I have seen wildlife tangled up in those bags-several times and it’s quite difficult to get a scared upset bird out of a plastic bag-let me tell ya-VERY sad imo.. now-i, too, forget my bags all of the time-and chastise myself every time but **today**-i WILL get those reusable bags and use em from now on. it is one small ‘sacrifice’ we two-leggeds CAN do quite easily-and every little bit helps..
    I say make us PAY for the plastic bags cause the only way some people can/will choose to do the responsible thing is if it hits em in the wallet.
    it is disconcerting to see a lovely vista, get out your camera for a pic, only to see some of those bags flapping in the wind-stuck to trees and hanging on fences for twenty years-same bag-same fence-20 years later..
    people were upset when the recycling became ‘widespread’ because it meant a change from the norm-but we fell in line because we realize we ALL must do our part, and now-to most of us-the recycle bin is a regualr daily event. we can do this-it just takes a bit of thinking ahead!
    save the planet-one plastic bag at a time!!

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