Grid Iron Blood Shed

Posted On August 31, 2009

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This past weekend was the annual fantasy football draft for my family’s league.  This year, much like every other year, the smack talk started before the draft.  It usually starts with e-mails and text messages in July.  And, then escalates as the draft gets closer.  I actually believe that it brings our family closer together in a very strange way.  It keeps us talking all through football season when we would probably just talk on holidays.

Keys to this years successful draft were several.  But, I will give you a short list:

1. My cousin did not get beat up by his little sister for taking 15 minutes to draft each player.

2. My dad was able to draft the Lions defense.

3. I forgot to get the draft board. This was actually a positive.

4. The dog ate half a sloppy joe.  This turned the animosity towards the dog, instead of the other coaches.

5. My pre-made draft sheets were missing a slot for a player.  I didn’t realize this until I got home and we had finished drafting.  So we are all one player short. (Not sure how this is positive, but I did laugh at myself.)

6. Shouts of “WHOO?!?!?” were kept to an all time low.

7. There were 5 civilians (non-fantasy players) there.  I think that made it so we were on good behaviour.

8. We drafted an entire week earlier than normal.  I think the hate didn’t have as much time to simmer.  There were still shouts of “jerk” when someone took the player you intended to pick, but it was a love-filled name calling instead of hate-filled.

9. My mom had the fore-sight to feed everyone before we started drafting.  Full bellies = less violence.  I am sure there is a scientific study out there somewhere.

10. Most people were too bus checking their text messages from ESPN for fantasy football draft updates to even pay attention to one another.


4 Responses to “Grid Iron Blood Shed”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    My office does this.
    I think they’re nuts.
    Somehow, I can’t apply that to you though.

  2. Jenny

    LOL This post is great. I have to show it to my hubby. He just did his draft on Sat. He is so into it. I can’t get into it though.

  3. La Belle Mere

    Hey there…

    As a Brit I don’t really get it! Thankfully! 😀

    So glad I found a fellow stepmother blog though!!! There are so many of us!! Who knew?!

    Found you via Stepmothers Milk.

    LBM xxxx

  4. Casey

    Oh, football is upon us and I’m excited! The dog eating the sloppy joe is just plain wrong.

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