Random Tuesday Thoughts: School’s In Session

It’s Tuesday, but I am thinking its Monday.  Which is completely screwing me up.  But, hopefully, I am not the only one.  Go see Keely, I need more coffee.

The Tyrant has a love for pink, that I find completely disturbing.  She has all pink school supplies.  Hot pink if we could find it, but regular pink was okay too.  At the family Labor Day picnic, she wore pink from head to toe.  So, I wore my Emily Strange t-shirt.  This was the logo:

My father laughed until he cried.  I must admit though, I enjoy finding pink things for her so that I can hear her squeak in appreciation.  She cried when she grew out of the pink camo pants I bought for her.  So, while I still hate to wear pink, I do appreciate it on some level now.

The Show was not looking forward to school.  Even though she did really well last year she traditionally struggled in school.  I am hoping that after last year, when she really shined that she will have a great year this year.  Keep your fingers crossed.

The Mother Hen has to start a new school this year.  She is scared but I know she can make it through it.  She has more courage than she will ever know.

I have been having a lot of asthma issues lately.  Turns out I have a wicked sinus infection, which was draining into my lungs. Its like going back to school for me all over again.  Except without the homework…  But other than that, being sick is kind of par for the course.  Ragweed hates me.

The on-going saga with Bear’s tooth and dry socket is making back to school even more interesting.  Pain while school clothes shopping with three girls can’t be fun.  Shopping for the girls’ clothes is usually a lesson in excruciating pain for Bear.  But, with the tooth issues, it was only that much worse.  I am surprised his head didn’t explode and that his jaw didn’t fall off.


5 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: School’s In Session”

  1. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I have had “dry socket,” and I have to say, no fun.
    I loved pink as a kid, wanted a pink house. Luckily I grew out of it, so there’s hope.

  2. HeatherPride

    Poor Bear! Nothing worse than tooth pain. Ugh. LOVE the shirt, I think I’ll have to find one of those!

  3. Karen @ If I Could Escape . . .

    I’ve been having asthma issues too! It’s yucky! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Casey

    Yuck, you guys are falling apart! I’m not a pink fan either but I’ve had to come to terms with a little pink since it’s virtually impossible to buy girl’s clothes without it. We went to my brother’s the other day and within five minutes of getting there, Elliot was wearing a pink tiara and holding a Barbie. I think we’re steering clear of my brother’s from now on.

  5. Sprite's Keeper

    I asked Sprite what kind of party she wanted for her birthday this year. “Pink”. I am gonna punk that girl pink.. I guarantee..

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