People scare me

Posted On September 16, 2009

Filed under frustration, Out of my element, self

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People scare me.  As a general rule, large groups freak me out.  Most people I come into contact with, think this is silly of me or that I am just being paranoid.  These people obviously don’t pay attention to the news.

To all those who think I am overly paranoid about people in general, I give you PETA’s chicken museum and the women of The Colony (except John C’s wife).

(Disclaimer: I have nothing against chickens or museums for chickens.  I just think we should focus on feeding people in our own backyard and that little thing called health care…)

2 Responses to “People scare me”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Given that I am the wife of one John C., thank you!

  2. Casey

    I read about that, what a bunch of whack jobs.

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