Random Tuesday Thoughts: Bear is a Zombie

Posted On September 29, 2009

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I know Keely will never visit us now…  She doesn’t like zombies.  She is a zombie-ist.

* Bear’s jaw is fractured.  It was fractured when he had the wisdom tooth removed.  It is now ripping a hole in his mouth near his tongue as the dead piece of bone necrotizes.  I bet it feels like a pixie tickling the inside of his mouth…

* I fell down the stairs the other day.  I landed on my left hip.  My right hip is hurting.  Stupid body, can’t even figure out where the pain should be.

* I have been wondering lately, what makes pop tarts so delicious.  I think they put addictive properties in there.  We go through about 4 boxes of pop tarts on a good week.  On a bad one, its more like 6.  Now, if I could only make the poptarts have more vegetables in them…

* Taking a week off of work is incredibly boring.  Especially when you are told to rest.  I can’t sit still for that long.  I don’t care how bad I feel.  Sitting still for more than 24 hours drives me completely batty!

* Economic analyst are saying that about 7 million people are going to default on their home loans.  I am grateful yet again for having a job and having a home.

5 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Bear is a Zombie”

  1. Casey

    Youch to the broken jaw and your poor hip! You guys are falling apart over there. But now I suddenly want Pop Tarts.

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Broken jaws, bruised hips, and poptarts; that is some random!
    Hope you all heal up nicely.
    Poptarts rock.

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    That last one? Amen.
    Feel better, Bear too!

  4. Mama Badger

    Jaws and hips and poptarts, Oh, my.

    7 million? Really? This just isn’t good. You’re right. Time to thank the god of your choice for little things, like jobs and good fortune. It’s sad to think that having a job and a house makes you “one of the lucky ones”.

  5. Jenny

    Loved this RTT! Hope Bear gets better!

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