Craft Buckets

Growing up we spent a lot of time at my aunt’s house.  She always had a craft bucket and would spend time with us by making various works of art.  To this day, I still have my own craft projects that I work on. 

So, when I started spending time with the girls, I thought “I know, I will make a craft bucket!”  We had so much fun, that no one wanted to stop.  And the girls went through a whole stash in one day.  So, I filled the bucket again.  And ended up with the same problem.  Everything was put together in a day. 

I finally got wise.  I bought stuff for specific projects and hid the rest of it.  This has worked out thus far.  As long as the kids don’t go hunting for the stash, I should be in good shape for the next few rainy days. Wish me luck!!


2 Responses to “Craft Buckets”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Brilliant! I think I need a craft bucket. I have coloring books and crayons for Sprite, but nothing else. I need some cut and paste projects, construction paper, I just need to get moving on that!
    You’re linked!

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Great idea! I always had an “art cabinet”with every supply you could think of. They loved it. Even in HS they went down there looking for stuff for school projects. I think they’ll still want it there when they’re 30.

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