Compensated Dating

Posted On October 15, 2009

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Have you heard about the latest trend in Hong Kong?  Its called compensated dating.  Girls are going on dates with men that they meet in chat rooms.  The dates typically involve sex.  After the dates, the girls get paid.  IF that is not bad enough, the girls and thier dates are not looking at is as a form of prostitution.

For the most part, the money is going to pay for material things, like designer clothes or electronics.  If my girls came home with designer clothes that I did not buy for them, I would want to know where they got it. And if I could not get a straight answer from them, I would keep looking until I found one.  I don’t understand how the parents of the girls in Hong Kong have missed this.

A wise woman told me just the other day, “A mother always knows when their kids are up to no good.”  I think this applies to dad’s too.  I know when the girls are hiding things like treats from each other.  I know when they are trying to pull a scam.  And I would hope that I would know something was up if they were doing something this crazy.

I talked to The Mother Hen about it.  This is what she had to say, “Oh my god, that is awful!  How can they not know it is fricking prostitution?!”  I think that lack of communication between children and parents is the biggest problem here.  I think they didn’t talk to their children about sex and how they feel about them being sexually active.

What do you guys think about all of this?  Do you have teenagers?  Do you talk to them about these things?

2 Responses to “Compensated Dating”

  1. Jamie

    I have a teenager and her views on sex are very, very clouded – her mother’s views are so messed up and sadly I didn’t come into the picture until she was seven which she already had a pretty firm messed up foundation so needless to say it is an uphill battle filled with many prayers for protection…..

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    My son is almost 22 and the girls are 15 and 18. We’ve talked about all this since they were pre-schoolers (age appropriately) and still do. I take advantage of every media story to either have a conversation or at least let them know how I think. I think it takes many conversations over time.
    Unfortunately I also believe our kids can be in trouble and we won’t know, at least not right away. Especially as they get older and better at hiding stuff. But then the rules help: curfews, phone calls, that stuff.
    This is a really sad shocking story. I’ll probably bring it up tonite with my daughter. Thanks!

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