Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Wrong Mug!

* The last few days have been exhausting.  All I want to do is sleep.  I really hope I am not getting sick again.  But, if I do, I will make sure that I share my germs with the world, as the world has been kind enough to share its germs with me!

*Teenagers are great…  Now that there are two of them in the house, instead of one, life is nothing but rainbows, puppies and pleasantness.  Oh, who I am kidding?  Anyone know of a good military school?

*I can actually bite down again without crying.  I am pretty excited.  I may even eat something more substantial than pudding today.  Though, I will miss my all pudding diet.  Now, having dessert for dinner can’t be justified to three very observant children… <sigh>

* I grabbed Bear’s mug instead of my own this morning, accidently. I am going to be off for the rest of the day.  Both mugs feature pictures of us with the kids.  I am not a large Irishman…  I am a tiny Mexican/Scot.   My feet are too small to fill his shoes, but apparently, I can steal his mug without having to walk around like a clown.

12 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Wrong Mug!”

  1. Julie@Momspective

    And here I’ve been just begging for my kids to become teens thinking they might leave me alone for 5 minutes. Argh.

  2. Elle

    I’ve made it through 2 teenagers but still have 2 more to go. I’m really not looking forward to it at all.

    It you didn’t have all that pain an all pudding diet would be kinda fun.

  3. Raven

    I also have two teenagers and I often wonder, out of the three of us, who will survive?

    A pudding diet sounds nummy! Though I wouldn’t want the pain that came along with it.

    Have a great day,


  4. Harriet

    I know a few teenagers who could benefit from the military….

    Have a great RT!

  5. shraddha

    my girls are only 3 years old…i guess i am in totally different stage of life..

    popping over from random tuesday..

  6. Sprite's Keeper

    All pudding all the time? I can wrap my head around that…

  7. Stefany @ ToBeThode

    Teenagers suck. SUCK I tell ya!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  8. Keely

    you almost had me convinced with the puppies and rainbows. Really.

  9. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)

    I’m not looking forward to the teen years…maybe I should start looking at military schools NOW. 🙂

    Glad your mouth pain is fixed – too bad you have to stop the all-pudding diet.

    Hope you don’t get sick – Princess Nagger thought it was the nice thing to do to share her nasty cold with me. It’s really not all that nice.

    Happy RTT! 🙂

  10. Dddiva

    I am on my 4th teen – somehow we all survived. Whoever thinks the twos are terrible and threes are worse have no clue.

  11. Niky @ Design It Chic

    hope you feel better soon.. what is up with people getting all sick these days?!? darn you autumn.. i blame you.. and all your viruses.. and i thought we were friends autumn .. boo you!!!
    ok now i hushed the autumn.. does that help in any way? no?!? darn it! then just get better soon:)

    Happy Random!

    *came here via TheUnMom

  12. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I think the parents of teenagers should be allowed as much pudding as they want! Therapeutically, of course.

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