About that…

Dear Mom and Dad,

Remember all of those times when I was a teen and you gave me advice that I didn’t follow?  Remember how you always had to pick up the pieces after I went head strong into a situation that you knew would end badly?  Yeah…  Sorry about that.


Your older, wiser, and not listened to by teens daughter

4 Responses to “About that…”

  1. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Ah, the part I look forward to in being a grandparent: that my kids may know what they’ve put me through!

  2. Life of a Stepmama

    I have had to write a couple of those letters as well. So true!!!

  3. frogmama

    Ooof, I am so nervous for the teenage years.

  4. Kathi

    it’ll all be o.k. guys!!
    yeah-we all made mistakes when we were young..[isnt that how we learn? by making mistakes??]
    but the biggest mistake we *might* make with our teens is believing they are more mature and smarter than we were at their age-they are NOT!! they are just as mixed up/confused as WE were back then-maybe even more.
    my best advice [not that anyone asked-hehe] is this:
    always MAKE TIME to really really HEAR them.. [even if what they are upset about seems small to you-guaranteed it aint small to THEM] best way to hear em? trap em in a car for a long ride somewhere-give em mountain dew and they will SPILL thier guts, man! lol! then -just LISTEN and HEAR-no advice.. just an ear and a shoulder if needed.
    dont ‘rob them of their feelings’ even if what is bothering them seems silly and insignificant to you.
    the best Other thing to keep in mind is this:remember how YOU felt when you were their age.. really TRY to go back to that time in your life-and remember..
    the uncertainty-the hormones-the nasty behind-the-back high school shenanigans that have left some of us scarred.. [lol!]
    i swear-once they leave the nest you’ll surely be missing them like hell..
    so try to give some listening time to them, but NOT by asking questions they can answer with “Yes” or “No”. [ask open-ended questions]
    as crazy and non-human-like as they become during the teen years, i can tell you now that our kid has flown the nest, that HE has been *our* greatest fear and largest worry, he surely has also been our Greatest Teacher and our best accomplishment-because WE PUT IN THE TIME AND LISTENED. and we still do-=even tho he’s a big air force cop now protecting our stealth bombers. he STILL needs to talk/vent to his mom & dad. and i cherish his calls more than just about anything on the planet now. and i miss him SO MUCH..
    it was hard work but has paid off in unimaginable ways for ALL of us..[even the dogs-hehe]
    take heart guys-all things must pass-and that includes the cool quiet times as well..:>S

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