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Posted On November 30, 2009

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I logged in on Sunday when we were finally back in town only to found out that my Thankful post didn’t publish.  So, now I will keep you all on the edge of your seats until Wednesday.  Because I am mean like that.

I hope you all had a great holiday.  Ours was good but just not the same without part of the Tribe.


Posted On November 25, 2009

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“The Universe will never give you anything that you can’t handle.”  —

Well, I am feeling ungrateful today, so here are the things I would like to give back to the Universe.

1. Romantic Comedies – I hate these with a passion.  Probably end more so because when I tell people that I don’t like them they always say something like “But you are a girl!”  I know I am a girl.  I still hate these kinds of movies.

2. Rush Hour Traffic – It is always infuriating.  People always get cut off, horns are honked and people are just generally mean and rude.

3. Fat Free Cheese-Its –  I will take all of the fat, thank you.  And the flavor that goes along with it!

4. Sinus Infections –  I have had enough of these lately to last me the rest of my life!  I need a break from them.

5. The Disney Channel – Every child actor on that channel is depicted as a gigantic brat that listens to no one and treats all adults like the scum of the earth.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cough, Hack

It’s that time again.  Go see Keely and grab a badge.  Don’t grab mine though.. because I like it and I am not sharing!!

* Last week was parent teacher conferences.  The Mother Hen has a teacher that is highly afraid of germs.  He even wears latex gloves in class so that he does not have to touch his “diseased” students assignments.  Right before I shook his hand, I coughed into my sleeve.  The Mother Hen asked me to do it, but the coughing was actually an accident.  (Asthma strikes again…)  He shook my hand anyway.  The Mother Hen was furious.

* The Show and The Tyrant are staying with their mother this Thanksgiving.  We are still going to head up to Bear’s parents with The Mother Hen.  But, the trip just won’t be the same without someone screaming “She’s touching me!!”  The truth is that they will be dearly missed and we hope they have a wonderful time.

* Bear is making gift giving very difficult this year.  He has been buying presents early and then giving the gifts to them.  He seriously can’t hold on to the gifts for more than a day.  So, I hope the girls like empty boxes of the stuff that they ALREADY opened under the tree.  ::grumble:: I am so hiding presents at someone else’s house.

* To those of you who are on my short list of people who are making me very angry lately, I say this: I have never screwed anyone over who didn’t absolutely beg me to do it.  Stop begging.

* Stay tuned..  my list of things that I am not thankful for are tomorrow.  And Thursday are the things I am truly thankful for.  Enjoy!


Posted On November 23, 2009

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I am feeling pretty grumpy and down today.   Since, I am a sharer.  I will share this:


Suddenly, I feel better….

What is bravery?

Posted On November 20, 2009

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I am sure that by now, my girls are tired of hearing me say “Bravery is not the absence of fear…  Its being scared out of your mind and doing it anyway.”  I know I have told them this at least 20 times each.  They always nod their heads but I wonder if they truly understand what I am saying.  So, in case they are wondering…

– Risking your life wouldn’t be brave, if people didn’t fear death.

– Performing on stage wouldn’t be brave, if stage fright did not exist.

– Going to a new school wouldn’t be brave, if you knew that you would have all new friends by the end of the day.

– Trying a new sport wouldn’t be brave, if you already had the skills to do it.

– Standing on a tall building or crossing a tall bridge wouldn’t be brave, if there was no chance that you could fall.

Fear is what leads to bravery.  Without it, we would never be scared to do anything.  Without fear, no one can be brave.

Slinging Cookies!

Posted On November 19, 2009

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Last night, I took the Mother Hen with me to sort out cookie dough for the fundraiser for her choir.  I was bouncing around and hustling to get everything done because we were under time pressure.  None of the other moms could keep up with me.

Half way through the night, The Mother Hen stops trying to keep up with me.  “Never helping you again!”  she huffs and puffs.  Finally she sits down and takes a few minutes to catch her breath.  I continue doing my thing, running and jumping around to get things done.  The Mother Hen looks at me, “How are you still running around? I hate you!  I am making Dad come next time!”

All of that exercising has finally paid off…

Wondering on Wednesday: Are stepparents real parents?

Posted On November 18, 2009

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Even though Tricia hasn’t written in a very long time, I feel the need to use her Wednesday theme.  I hope that my take on it makes you think as much as she made me think.

Generally speaking, stepparents have few rights.  We can’t take our stepchildren to the doctor without a note from their biological parent.  We can’t sign field trip permission slips.  If the marriage fails, we can’t demand visitation rights. 

I have seen stepparents that don’t even know their stepchildren.  I have seen stepparents who are not allowed to interact with thier stepchildren.  I have also seen children that know their stepparent more than their biological parent.

To me, stepparents are as much of a parent as they are allowed to be.  Its up to the family as a whole to decide what role the stepparent will play.  Each situation is unique and has it own challenges, but I believe that stepparents are real parents if they choose to be and if they are encouraged to be.

What do you think?  Are step-parents real parents?

It’s Official

The scene is the dinner table.  The Tribe is playing a conversation starting game.

The Tyrant: “What’s your favorite song and why?”

The Mother Hen: I bet it’s by Hinder.

The Show: Lips of an Angel!

The Tyrant:  No, it’s Get Stoned.

We are bad parents…  Our 8 year old’s favorite band, is Hinder.


Posted On November 13, 2009

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Everyone around me has been sick lately.  More and more people are becoming germaphobes. They are cleaning, washing and using bleach like there is no tomorrow.  They are cleaning their hands at least twice and hour.

I realize as I look around, that people are starting to pick up on my daily habits of cleaning things and using hand sanitizer.  I realize that I have been a germaphobe for a very long time.  I also realize that I don’t mind that I am.  I use to get sick all the time and now that I am a clean freak, I don’t get sick as much.  So, the question is…  am I a germaphobe or cleanly?  And does it really matter?

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Faith

Posted On November 10, 2009

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No, this is not a badly done George Michael remake from Limp Bizkit.  It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Do not make Keely send her Office Manager Ninja after you, you H1N1 Zombie!

* A lot of life is remarkably about faith.  Faith that people will do the right thing, that your kids will be safe at school, and that the bad men can’t get us.  But faith is something that is always in flux and can change based on personal experience. 

A few nights ago a new neighbor was having some car trouble.  Her car wouldn’t start.  Bear and I looked at  each other.  “I will get the jumper cables,” he stated before heading into the house.  I told him I would go and talk to her.  Turns out, she ran out of gas in her haste to get home and get back on the road.  So, I grabbed my gas can and gave her a ride to the gas station.  When I dropped her back off, she tried to give me some money.  I didn’t take it and told her that I would be offended if she tried to offer it again.  So, last night, she brought us over a cheese cake that she made herself.  Consider my faith in people on the higher end of the flux.

* If you are a kid, there is very little scarier than a new school.  I never appreciated this because it was never anything I had to experience.  But experiencing it second-hand is scary enough for me. 

* Bear went grocery shopping this week.  I put apples on the list because they were on sale.  I have thanked him like 5 times for them.  I might be annoying him but the apples are really good and he remembered them for me. So, it makes me smile every time I grab one.

* Both my mom and dad have cell phones.  I will occasionally gets texts that are just to say hi and I love you.  These text messages always brighten my day.  It’s not a substitute for actually talking but it is nice to know that people are thinking about you.

* I am taking the afternoon off today.  Domo will take all my calls… 

Assuming that he does not eat the phone.

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