Random Tuesday Thoughts: We have a winner!

It’s Tuesday…  Things have been way too exciting around here.  Go see Keely for less craziness and no dental horror stories.

* I got a text on Sunday from my mom.  My brother is in the hospital.  ICU to be exact.  He has his wisdom teeth extracted about 4 days ago and now has a massive infection that was causing his airway to be closed off.  The intubated him and sent him for emergency surgery to put some drainage tubes into his mouth and neck.  When I went to see him yesterday, I told him that if he wanted to beat Bear at anything, he should have challenged him to ping-pong…

* The Tyrant won the funniest costume contest at a party over the weekend.  She was “Double Trouble”, half angel and half devil.  She didn’t understand why the adults thought it was funny.  I told her that I would remind her of this when she is a mom and then she would understand. 

* Speaking of The Tyrant…  She fell on Halloween.  Hard.  Really Hard.  And scraped knees up really badly.  She wanted to keep Trick-or-Treating.  So, we did.  She was bleeding and she thought it would make her costume look better.  Later, her tights got stuck to her leg because the blood had dried.  Bear and I soaked her leg but ended up having to pull a little bit off.  I asked him to hold her still and I pulled.  She screamed “Ow!!  You jerks!  You could have warned me!” 

* Bear, my Mom and I all helped the girls with their costumes.  Mom teased hair and put leaves in to make the two zombies look like they had crawled out of the ground.  I did make up to make them look dead.  Bear took care of Double Trouble’s make up.  My Dad laughed and took pictures!


5 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: We have a winner!”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    Seriously, what is it with dentists in your area? Oy!
    Double trouble, I will need to remember that when Sprite is old enough. Classic!

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Oh, no! Your poor brother. And I echo Jen: what’s the teeth/mouth/jaw deal over in your neck of the woods? I’m sure he’ll be fine, but what a scare!
    And poor Tyrant. Sounds like she was a trooper. My older daughter had some coordination issues and she fell on Halloween every year when she was younger. One year multiple times with the same result as Tyrant. Yet she would not stop Trick or treating; the girl loved her candy!

  3. Casey

    Holy crap, what is going on up there with dental care? I hope your brother feels better soon.

    Your Halloween costumes sound awesome. Nice work!

  4. Kathi

    *will be sending Good and Healing vibes to your brother**

    [sure takes the worry out of that swine flu, doesnt it?]

    yeah-maybe someone oughta check the tap water in motown..
    i’ll drink foofoo bottled water down there from now on-LOL!
    seriously tho-hoping brother gets well and outta the hospital quickly-man-those places are FULL of sick people so he’d better get well poste haste!!
    thinking of the tooth fairy-wondering if she’s gonna get run off with a shotgun next time..
    thinking of you ALL [and glad you got thru halloween]
    chin up mates!! winter is soon upon us.. [ugh!]

  5. Life of a Stepmama

    Love the costume idea, how cute!!! Hope your brother is ok, that sounds terrible!

    Lots going on in your world!

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