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Posted On November 5, 2009

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I have been extremely sick lately.  One sinus infection after the other.  This has prompted people to give me unsolicited advice on how to better take care of myself.  Here are some of my absolute favorites.

1. Put a large clump of Vicks Vaporub in your mouth and swallow it.  Try to hold it in your throat as long as possible before you let it go all the way down.  I honestly asked if this person was insane.  After all, it says right on the bottle, DO NOT EAT!

2. Drink airbourne whenever you are around people who have colds.  Well, I tried this one and it made me burp.  I still got sick though.

3. I have been told two completely different things on exercising.  Either avoid it all together and do nothing more strenious than getting out of bed to pee.  Or exercise as often as possible to sweat the germs out.  I am too scared to try either of these suggestions.  So, I am staying on my regular schedule.

4. Drink Earl Grey tea.  This made me pee a lot but had no effect on my illness or preventing illnesses.

5. Mix vinegar and salt water and gargle with it daily.  I tried this once too but it was so gross, I almost puked.  So, unless the idea is to puke the germs out, I am not going to try this again.

6. Change your clothes atleast three times a day.  Have your entire household do the same.  I change every day but it creates way too much laundry for 5 people to do it.  And since either Bear and I will be doing the laundry, I don’t see how adding more work will have any effect on me getting sick.


What about you guys?  Any remedies or unsolicited advice you recieved lately that can to share here?


6 Responses to “Home Remedies”

  1. Life of a Stepmama

    I have bad allergies and used to get sinus infections 4-5 times a year. I am now happy to report I have not had one in a little over two years. I started doing what they call a sinus rinse. It sounds disgusting doesn’t it? I know but it REALLY works. The BF started 6 months ago and has not gotten sick since.
    Go to your local medicine shop and ask them if they carry a sinus rinse kit, it comes with a bottle that you fill with warm water and mix in a packet of the saline mixture. You then squeeze the bottle into your nose through your sinus cavity. It clears it all out and I start to do it whenever I feel a cold starting. The BF does it every morning.
    It isn’t the best feeling but it works and trust me I have had some really bad sinus infections before, I almost had to have emergency surgery because my sinus cavity was so blocked. I am telling you this is a great preventative. My allergist had recommended it to me.
    Good luck, hope you feel better! Being sick is no fun.

    The brand I have is NeilMed link below

    • awickedstepmom

      Stepmama – Great suggestion. I actually own two of these. One for me and one for Bear. I have been using it twice a day. It does help a ton!

  2. Georgina

    #1 just made me gag reading it. Seriously, I’m dry heaving right now. In terms of remedies and preventive measures, I really like chinese hot and sour soup. You don’t need very much, just a small cup when you think you are coming down with something. A naturopathic nutritionist told me yesterday that cutting back on dairy also help to keep ear/nose/ throat infections at bay. Hope you are feeling better soon. – G

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    1? WTH?
    The only advise I’ve really been given is to stay away from others. 🙂 Best way to prevent others from getting it!

  4. Maureen@IslandRoar

    I too, just yesterday, was on line googling natural remedies for sinus infections, cuz mine are killer and last forever! I’ve tried the rinse, a nedi pot, for a year. Did not help, altho I didn’t try it with some hydrogen peroxide or betadine mixed in, which I only read about yesterday. the other one people kept mentioning was apple cider vinegar. Put one cup with one cup water and boil. Then cover your head with towel over pot and inhale steam, keeping mouth and eyes closed. I did it once yesterday and will do it again today. Seemed to help a lot.
    Feel Better!

  5. Jamie

    Great tips! Thanks!

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