Random Tuesday Thoughts: Faith

Posted On November 10, 2009

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No, this is not a badly done George Michael remake from Limp Bizkit.  It’s Random Tuesday Thoughts.

Do not make Keely send her Office Manager Ninja after you, you H1N1 Zombie!

* A lot of life is remarkably about faith.  Faith that people will do the right thing, that your kids will be safe at school, and that the bad men can’t get us.  But faith is something that is always in flux and can change based on personal experience. 

A few nights ago a new neighbor was having some car trouble.  Her car wouldn’t start.  Bear and I looked at  each other.  “I will get the jumper cables,” he stated before heading into the house.  I told him I would go and talk to her.  Turns out, she ran out of gas in her haste to get home and get back on the road.  So, I grabbed my gas can and gave her a ride to the gas station.  When I dropped her back off, she tried to give me some money.  I didn’t take it and told her that I would be offended if she tried to offer it again.  So, last night, she brought us over a cheese cake that she made herself.  Consider my faith in people on the higher end of the flux.

* If you are a kid, there is very little scarier than a new school.  I never appreciated this because it was never anything I had to experience.  But experiencing it second-hand is scary enough for me. 

* Bear went grocery shopping this week.  I put apples on the list because they were on sale.  I have thanked him like 5 times for them.  I might be annoying him but the apples are really good and he remembered them for me. So, it makes me smile every time I grab one.

* Both my mom and dad have cell phones.  I will occasionally gets texts that are just to say hi and I love you.  These text messages always brighten my day.  It’s not a substitute for actually talking but it is nice to know that people are thinking about you.

* I am taking the afternoon off today.  Domo will take all my calls… 

Assuming that he does not eat the phone.

5 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Faith”

  1. Harriet

    I’ve really been into the apples too this year.

    Have a wonderful RTT!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    The apples are awesome. And the sales mean if you want fruit, you’re getting an apple or banana in my house. 🙂
    New schools are definitely scary to kids. I hope all is well. 🙂

  3. Mama Badger

    And now I have George Michael stuck in my head. I might call just to talk to Domo.

    It’s nice that your neighbor recognized that you went out of your way for her. Not everybody is like that anymore.

  4. Niky @ Design It Chic

    You have nice neighbors! Our only nice ones moved out this summer.. they were the guys who let us borrow their wireless network until we had ours installed when we first moved in here..(we gave homemade cheesecake as a thank you.. what’s up with that cheesecake thank you between neighbors?? is it an unwritten law?:) and these nice ones were our age to.. bummer.. now we’re stuck with only crazy smokes-a-lot-lady upstairs, the-noisy-weirdo-bedroom/kitchen-neighbor and messy-crazy-daisy-neighborina next door:P you are lucky!
    Happy Tuesday!

    * my Random Thoughts are up too:)

  5. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Well you guys were the nicest neighbors; you deserved some cheesecake!
    I’m so impressed your parents text; half my friends still don’t and I don’t understand. It’s such a great way to get my teens to answer me.
    Love that Domo; he’s very cute.

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