Posted On November 13, 2009

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Everyone around me has been sick lately.  More and more people are becoming germaphobes. They are cleaning, washing and using bleach like there is no tomorrow.  They are cleaning their hands at least twice and hour.

I realize as I look around, that people are starting to pick up on my daily habits of cleaning things and using hand sanitizer.  I realize that I have been a germaphobe for a very long time.  I also realize that I don’t mind that I am.  I use to get sick all the time and now that I am a clean freak, I don’t get sick as much.  So, the question is…  am I a germaphobe or cleanly?  And does it really matter?

7 Responses to “Sick”

  1. Kathi

    man o man! this gloom & doom of ”are you sick?” “do you have the FLU?” sheesh!! i swear if one more person asks me if i’m sick i’d almost BET money that their asking so much is surely gonna MAKE ME SICK-lol! [if you speak it out loud.. well..]
    i know people are dying from flu but do they hafta make everyone so paranoid about it?
    husband thinks that kids are getting sicker these days because they dont go out and play outside in the DIRT!! sometimes i also wonder-by doing all of that cleaning/sanitizing-if we arent setting ourselves up to be non-resistant to these ‘germs’ because we never let ourselves get exposed enough to build up an immunity..
    i know i wash my hands a lot more than i used to, but i refuse to be paranoid about catching any flu. [we Never get sick.. EVER-o.k. since i quit drinking, anyway..hehe] aint getting no stinkin shot-even if i wanted to, there is a shortage anyway. i say give it to someone who NEEDS it cause i surely do not.
    some healthy dirt AND consistent hand washing should be the ticket to keep us health during the ‘flu scare of 2009’.
    Good to hear everyone is well so far down there! keep up the good work!

  2. HeatherPride

    As long as you stay healthy, it doesn’t matter how you label yourself!!

  3. Sprite's Keeper

    Germophobe? Bah! Call it cleanliness and care! You’re taking care of yourself! 🙂

  4. Mama Badger

    Keep your cleanliness to your self! I have maintained my usual mode of cleanliness (I wipe the phone and keyboard down with Clorox once a week or so), but nothing more. Keep in mind that most cleaners kill 99.9% of germs. Leaving the strongest .01% to mate and make super bugs. Eeeew.

  5. Kate

    I am feeling sick too…such a bummer!

  6. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Hey, if you’re not getting sick, stick with it. Even my kids are neurotic this winter.

  7. Casey

    I’m a germophobe too but I like to think of it as a thorough cleaner.

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