Slinging Cookies!

Posted On November 19, 2009

Filed under Bear, family, parenting, The Mother Hen

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Last night, I took the Mother Hen with me to sort out cookie dough for the fundraiser for her choir.  I was bouncing around and hustling to get everything done because we were under time pressure.  None of the other moms could keep up with me.

Half way through the night, The Mother Hen stops trying to keep up with me.  “Never helping you again!”  she huffs and puffs.  Finally she sits down and takes a few minutes to catch her breath.  I continue doing my thing, running and jumping around to get things done.  The Mother Hen looks at me, “How are you still running around? I hate you!  I am making Dad come next time!”

All of that exercising has finally paid off…

3 Responses to “Slinging Cookies!”

  1. Jamie

    That is pretty great that a young whipper snapper can’t keep up to you! That says a lot!!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Eh, she’ll eat a cookie and you’ll be back in her good graces once more. 🙂

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Yeah, but the translation to that really means she loves you for working so hard and you rock. It’s a very tricky dialect, but one I’m,unfortunately, very used to.

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