Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cough, Hack

It’s that time again.  Go see Keely and grab a badge.  Don’t grab mine though.. because I like it and I am not sharing!!

* Last week was parent teacher conferences.  The Mother Hen has a teacher that is highly afraid of germs.  He even wears latex gloves in class so that he does not have to touch his “diseased” students assignments.  Right before I shook his hand, I coughed into my sleeve.  The Mother Hen asked me to do it, but the coughing was actually an accident.  (Asthma strikes again…)  He shook my hand anyway.  The Mother Hen was furious.

* The Show and The Tyrant are staying with their mother this Thanksgiving.  We are still going to head up to Bear’s parents with The Mother Hen.  But, the trip just won’t be the same without someone screaming “She’s touching me!!”  The truth is that they will be dearly missed and we hope they have a wonderful time.

* Bear is making gift giving very difficult this year.  He has been buying presents early and then giving the gifts to them.  He seriously can’t hold on to the gifts for more than a day.  So, I hope the girls like empty boxes of the stuff that they ALREADY opened under the tree.  ::grumble:: I am so hiding presents at someone else’s house.

* To those of you who are on my short list of people who are making me very angry lately, I say this: I have never screwed anyone over who didn’t absolutely beg me to do it.  Stop begging.

* Stay tuned..  my list of things that I am not thankful for are tomorrow.  And Thursday are the things I am truly thankful for.  Enjoy!

6 Responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Cough, Hack”

  1. Harriet

    I hate when one person messes up the gift giving for everyone else.
    Have a great RTT!

  2. Niky @ Design It Chic

    That teacher is crazy.. i mean it’s one to be cautious and a total loopy thing to exaggerate… i mean latex gloves??? seriously???
    Anyway! Happy RTT!

    * my Randomness is up too:)

  3. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Yeah, that teacher is clearly in the wrong profession.
    He should be wearing a mask, not gloves.
    The really bitchin’ bugs are in the air!

  4. Julie@Momspective

    This was exactly the RTT I was in the mood for. I loved it!

  5. angie

    wow I believe the teacher is in the wrong proffesion

  6. Mama Badger

    I’m pretty sure giving gifts too early is a disease. It’s hard, though, when you know your kid would really enjoy something right now, but it will just get lost in the endless parade of Christmas krappe.

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