Posted On November 25, 2009

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“The Universe will never give you anything that you can’t handle.”  —

Well, I am feeling ungrateful today, so here are the things I would like to give back to the Universe.

1. Romantic Comedies – I hate these with a passion.  Probably end more so because when I tell people that I don’t like them they always say something like “But you are a girl!”  I know I am a girl.  I still hate these kinds of movies.

2. Rush Hour Traffic – It is always infuriating.  People always get cut off, horns are honked and people are just generally mean and rude.

3. Fat Free Cheese-Its –  I will take all of the fat, thank you.  And the flavor that goes along with it!

4. Sinus Infections –  I have had enough of these lately to last me the rest of my life!  I need a break from them.

5. The Disney Channel – Every child actor on that channel is depicted as a gigantic brat that listens to no one and treats all adults like the scum of the earth.


3 Responses to “Ungrateful”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    I had a good snicker on your view of the Disney Channel. John couldn’t agree more! He hates those shows!

  2. Mary Anne

    You forgot the fact that every Disney Channel actor also doubles as a Disney Channel SINGER! While it annoys me, it drives The Mailman nuts.
    Oh, and I am so with you on the fat free Cheez-Its. Not even worth the effort of eating them.

  3. Jamie

    What a great list – different then the other lists out there – I like it!!!

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