Posted On December 2, 2009

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This year, I am thankful for many things.  I could write a list a mile long.  But, what I am most thankful for is the daughters of my heart.  I may not have given birth to them and they don’t call me mom.  They teach me so many things and help me to grow in so many ways.

Thank you, my beautiful girls.


3 Responses to “Thankful”

  1. Kathi

    it is SO NICE to see grown ups who realize that our kids are our biggest teachers.. raising up our kid right has been our biggest fear, yet our greatest joy and accomplishment.
    well done wicked! if they dont realize it now, they soon will-you are a HUGE important part of their lives and they are Blessed to have YOU, too, ya know! ;>D
    family is THE gig.. Go Well!!

  2. Sprite's Keeper

    Oh, that tears me up! I love this!

  3. Life of a Stepmama

    Warmed my heart!! Kids do teach us a lot about ourselves, wouldn’t have it any other way!

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