Sibling Gift Shopping

Posted On December 14, 2009

Filed under bonding time, family, parenting, The Tribe

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Every year, the girls are charged with buying for each other.  They start asking if they can go shopping right around  Thanksgiving.  So, this past weekend, we went out shopping.  My mom came along for the first time with us and had a great time.  There is nothing like watching the three of them diving between isles, and hiding from each other. 

All in all, it was a successful trip.  My mom, the ultimate Christmas Ninja, helped me to hid presents from the girls.  She use to be able to buy stuff for me while I was with her without me ever knowing.  I am just a ninja apprentice.  I am just learning how to hid stuff from them, while they are there.  One day, I hope to be as good of a ninja as her.

One Response to “Sibling Gift Shopping”

  1. Sprite's Keeper

    If I were to try hiding anything from Sprite while shopping with her, I would be arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. 🙂

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