In our backyard

Posted On December 28, 2009

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By now, I am sure that most of you heard about the attempted terror attack at Detroit Metro Airport.  The last time that plans were used, it was in far off New York.  This time, it happened in our own backyard.  I drive past that airport every day on the way to work.  I remember driving past it in the days that followed Sept 11th.  All of the planes were on the ground and there was no familiar rush of jet engines over head. 

Now, I wonder if that noise of a plane about to land will scare me every time I look up.  I wonder if my children will be afraid to fly.  Then I remember, that is exactly what they want.  They want us scared.  So, I won’t be.  Even if they are in my backyard, I won’t be scared.  We will fight back.

2 Responses to “In our backyard”

  1. Maureen@IslandRoar

    Good; that is just how I felt afte 9-11. Don’t give them what they want. Or they win.
    Good for you!!

  2. middle-aged-woman

    Hey, you live in Michigan! Me, too. I’m in Redford. I agree…not gonna give in to the b*stards.

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