“Choosy Eater”* Recipes

Posted On January 28, 2010

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I have been scoring the internet for recipes that everyone in our house will eat.  This is harder than it sounds because we have a few things that some people just won’t eat. 

1) Onions

2) Potatoes (Yes, I seriously have a child who will not eat potatoes.  This includes fries and chips)

3) Rice

4) Mushrooms

5) Beef (I am allergic, it’s not that I don’t like it. )

Here is the list of things that Kraft recommends.  Only one thing on the list is something that everyone will eat.  So, apparently, they think “choosy” means something different from it does in my house….

Anyone have some good ideas?

*- Apparently, it is no longer politically correct to call them picky…

We can be right…

Posted On January 27, 2010

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If you are a parent to a teenager, you know one thing better than anyone else…  no matter what you say, you are probably wrong (at least to the teenagers).  And if you tell them more than once, you are definately wrong.

So, when the opportunity to say, “we can be right” came up last night, Bear had to run with it…

The Mother Hen: Mrs. [Geometry teacher] said that since I have been working so hard on my math and staying after school with her to work, whatever grade I get on my final, I will get in the class.  She wants to see my hard work pay off and knows that since I didn’t do well in the beginning, it could really hamper my grade.

Bear: How does that make you feel?

The Mother Hen: Pretty good.

Bear: Remember I told you that if you show that you are trying, the teachers will work with you?  So, maybe we can be right.

The Mother Hen: Yeah, I know, Dad.  You were right.  (Insert frustrated sigh here…)

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Mushrooms are the enemy!!



It is Tuesday. Its time for more random thoughts and purging the mental sludge that has been rolling around my brain all week. Thank goodness Keely thought of this. Otherwise, I would have to torture Bear will all my bloggy fragments. 

* Pizza topping are worth fighitng for in our house.  If you are not careful, you will end up with a whole pizza with mushrooms and pinapple.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy pinapple.  However, mushrooms just aren’t my thing.  And really, there are two members of the Tribe that eat them, everyone else pretty much screams “Eww” like a girl.  (No, Bear does not like mushrooms either…) 

* I made some pork in the crockpot over the weekend.  I added cream of mushroom soup, some garlic and a few other things.  Bear and I thought it smelled delicious.  Everyone else in the house gagged.  (Even the mushroom eaters.)  Turns out the dish smelled very similar to a dish they had eaten before and absolutely hated.  And if you have been reading here for a while, you know dinner time is very dramatic for us.  It was worse than normal.  Mushrooms are officially banned from the house. 

* My sinuses have slowly been getting better.  I haven’t had any nose bleeds in a few weeks and I am having fewer problems over all.  Hopefully, I will be able to skip surgery. 

* Cheer season is coming to an end for The Show.  She is going to have a competition soon and is hoping to make the football sideline cheer team in the fall.  She has really thrived on the sport.  She loved gymnastics when she was younger and now she gets to combine that with her bubbly personality and shout a lot.  This really is a great thing for her.  I hope she can stick with it! 

* I was having a really rough day yesterday.  I am feeling better now.  Bear is always great about making me feel better.  This time, The Mother Hen helped out too.  Its a wonderful feeling to know that you belong and that people care. 

* The Tyrant asked me to issue a warning to call teenage girls out there.  Were-boyfriends are on the loose everywhere.  If they bite you, you turn into one.  So please, protect your necks! 


Posted On January 25, 2010

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Over the past few weeks, we have seen a woman standing on the side of the exit ramp near our house.  She is carrying a sign that says “Husband laid off from the big three.  Small children at home, please help.”  Personally, I have never give her money.  But, I did give her a flyer for the local food bank.  There are so many people laid off, it really is hard to tell if this story is legitamate. 

Now, if I saw this guy…  I would know it is a scam.

Get a job!

Posted On January 21, 2010

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There are quite a  very few things in this world that will really get under my skin.  I realize that not all of these things are important.  I also know that some of the things (leaving dirty socks all over the house, for example) do not bother other people at all.  But what really gets to me?  What really makes me mad?

People that feel entitled to things that others have to work for makes me absolutely crazy.  I do not feel things should be handed to people.  I truly believe that in order to really appreciate something, you have to work for it.  Those people that don’t want to work but expect the same things as everyone else make me want to scream.  This is something that is frustrating for me across the board.  Whether it is a new skill that someone is trying to master, a difficult task that someone is trying to complete or a goal that is being reached for. 

What makes this whole deal even worse and the reason why I am stressed.  There really are people that have never had to work a day in their lives for anything.  To make matters worse, some of these people have enough financial resources to never have to put an effort into anything at all.  These people who do not even know the value of hard work get to have all the benefits.  I really don’t like these people.

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Ha!




It’s that time again. It is time to get all of your randomness, spew it out in some sort of coherent sentences and send it to Keely. She will probably not love and treasure it but she will atleast let you put your site in Mr. Linky, who will love you no matter what you did last night. 

* The Wii Fit finally yelled at Bear! It said to him yesterday, “Have you seen [The Mother Hen] around?  Per haps you should pay more attention to her.”  I laughed until I cried. 

* The Tyrant has said on numerous occasions that people “rub things in her face.”  While I believed her, I never actually witnessed it happening until this weekend.  The scene is my aunt’s driveway.  The issue, both The Mother Hen and The Tyrant want to ride in the front seat. 

The Mother Hen: Move, [The Tyrant], I am riding in front. 

The Tyrant: It’s my turn. 

The Mother Hen: I will get squished. 

WickedStepMom: Both of you just get in the car. 

The Tyrant gets in the back. 

The Mother Hen: Ha! See, I told you! You are too, young and I will get squished. 

WickedStepMom: Don’t worry, [The Tyrant], she has no problem sitting back there with her boyfriend.  She will not sure this excuse again.  Also, when we get home, The Mother Hen and I are going to have a little chat.  

The Tyrant: Okay, [WickedStepMom], I know you will fix it.  Thanks. 

The Tyrant knew that her sister was going to get into trouble but didn’t taunt her about it.  Part of me expected her to, especially after the way she was taunted.  I am very proud of her for the way that she handled it. 

* The Tyrant and The Show have been competing on the Wii Fit.  It’s pretty funny to watch them both fight for a high score.  About once a day, The Tyrant will shout and jump up and down yelling, “I won! I won!”  Considering that there is a 4 year age difference this is a pretty big deal.  The Show always congratulates her.

Why are you yelling at me?!?

Posted On January 18, 2010

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Bear and I have been working on the Wii Fit almost daily.  If we skip one day, we are back on it the next.  I am very proud of the way we have both been able to commit to it.  The Mother Hen has not been as dedicated.  About six months ago, she was after us for a gym membership.  She has the best of intentions but doesn’t always follow through.

Now, the Wii Fit has been harassing me every day asking where The Mother Hen has been.  It is not bugging Bear about her, but its picking on me.  Bear thinks the Wii Fit hates me.  I tend to agree with him.  I think the thing has it in for me.  Seriously, it always has something bad to say.  “Your leg is a little shaky!” “You’re swaying a little!” “You need to pay more attention to [The Mother Hen]!”  This thing is out of control!  It needs to start yelling at Bear or me and Wii Fit are going to have some words!

Random Tuesday Thoughts: The Slacker Edition



Keely, the zombie executioner, is not a slacker. I, however, am a huge slacker. I hope that my lethargy lately has not caused her to think I am a zombie. 

* I am not sure what has gone on lately, but I have been in a writing slump.  I have read other blogs and can think of nothing good, intelligent or funny to say.  I almost feel like I should at least comment something like “WickedStepMom was here.  She just can’t think of what to write today.”  Then people would know that I stopped by.  But, I would have to leave that same comment over and over.  So, people would really start having a problem with me.  ::sigh:  Anyone have any ideas to get me out of the commentary slump? 

* The wii fit and I are back to going steady.  He is just really mouthly.  The other day, I was trying a yoga pose (which I am not very good at because my balance stinks), and it says “You are pretty shaky!  It’s hard to get the correct pose if your core muscles need work!” I just rolled my eyes and continued to try to keep my balance so I would not brain myself on the basement floor. 

* My new ENT has been really wonderful.  He is using the aggressive approach against my sinus gnome.  He made me a special mix of nasal steroids that make my throat burn but the sinus gnome disappear. 

* The Tribe has had a few ups and downs lately.  I think it is partly because the holiday season is over and we are all back to a normal schedule.  And there are no more presents to open.  Settling back into the routine has been a little harder than normal.  I am hoping that we all get back to ourselves soon.

* Two out of three of our girls are dating.  I keep saying boys are icky but they don’t believe me.  So, I am thinking that there may be ice cream and hugs in the near future for one of them.  I just hope that the one left not dating doesn’t feel bad or feel left out.

* It is truly sad when our society is feeling so horrible about itself, that people have to literally get lost in a movie. We watched Avatar and thought the movie was pretty good.  We were entertained and we left the theater after having a good time.  To us, it was just another movie.  But, I really think it says something about our world today when people out there honestly are having depression symptoms because they can not leave in a fantasy world.  It says that we are doing something very wrong.


The Show: “You owe me a penny!  You bet me that there is no Sweet Home Alabama in this song.”

The Mother Hen: “No, I said that this song is not named Sweet Home Alabama.”

The Show: “You did not! You owe me a penny!”

The Tyrant: “Look, I will give you both a penny if you be quiet.”

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